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8 Nov 2017 in

In this series of short blogs, we take a look at the day to day lives of some of our key team members, as well as how Infinity is used in their day-to-day work. Michelle Garnham leads our customer success organisation, having led EMEA wide customer success teams for over twelve years.

Michelle Garnham To have a career like mine, you have to truly care about raising the performance of your clients. I was the Director of Customer Success at Oracle for four years, and helped build and develop the model of customer success used there today. I grew my team from six to over forty people and ultimately became responsible for the CX (Customer Experience) portfolio of solutions across Western Europe. Before that I was in a senior role for client facing teams at Hewlett Packard for over three years.

I joined Infinity a year ago with the explicit goal of building a world class customer success team. To do this, not only did I need high calibre people, training resources, and strategic planning, I also required access to accurate, customisable data and analytics to see how our clients and my team are performing.

Here is how my team and I have been using Infinity in our day-to-day roles to continuously deliver the highest standard of service possible to our clients.

Tracking client goals

The standard of recruitment for my team is very high, and we are always looking to add individuals of an elite standard. On average, everyone has a minimum of ten years experience in an enterprise client-facing role.

An innate understanding of the client’s need is built into them, and a mindset that their performance is intertwined with the results our clients achieve. They work in partnership with the client to build a success plan to achieve their goals.

A key element of a Customer Success Manager’s (CSM) role is making sure our clients understand how to analyse data in Infinity’s portal to see how certain activities changed the quality and quantity of calls, or another metric aligned with our client’s KPIs. Ultimately providing true ‘call intelligence’.

Identifying opportunities for success

My team exists to make sure our clients are using Infinity to maximise results that lead them towards their business goals. We regularly monitor their accounts and meet up to discuss the steps they need to take for a richer, more valuable experience with Infinity.

For example, a CSM will look to see if there’s something the client should be doing to increase the value they are getting from Infinity. Alternatively, the call volume and data will highlight different opportunities to capitalise on or improve operationally. For example, if one particular shop/branch is not answering their calls during business hours.

They also look out for variances in usage that could highlight when something has changed, for example, a new person is working on the client’s account who needs help to engage with our training team .

Discovering best practice

We have clients across a multitude of industries who use Infinity every day, with a variety of goals, audiences, and uses. For example, Sky use us in a totally different way to British Gas.

By working alongside our clients at Infinity, CSMs see who is driving outstanding results, and identify patterns and best practices that are prevalent across leading businesses. This means we steer our clients away from common pitfalls and guide them towards optimal use of the Infinity solution for their business needs.

We are also building a community for our clients, feeding them information to help achieve their goals by hosting our Taste of Success lunch events, CXO round-tables, and client webinars. These are unmissable events where expert knowledge is shared both from us and our clients, and where our clients also receive exclusive insight into where Infinity and call intelligence technology is heading.

What's next?

Our customer success team is available to all premium Clients, with CSMs in the UK and the US, including our new San Francisco office. To see how it would benefit you, start a conversation with us today.

Want to see how Infinity improves other roles? Here’s a day in the life of a digital marketer and a sales manager with Infinity.

As a rapidly growing company, we are looking for top quality team members across multiple departments. Visit our careers page to see our current openings.

Michelle Garnham

Michelle Garnham

SVP of Customer Success
Michelle's primary focus is happy customers, but when she’s not working or travelling, she likes to enjoy fine wine and good food with friends.

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