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5 Oct 2017 in

In this series of short blogs, we look at how Infinity impacts our own day-to-day lives, as well as those of some of our customers. Emily Parker has been working closely with clients throughout the last four years of her career, and is a Senior Sales Development Manager at Infinity.

Emily Parker I joined Infinity just over a year ago, coming from a background of sales development and marketing roles. If you send a request to contact us, or for a demo, there’s a good chance that myself or one of my team will be the one you speak to. As a result, the outcome of my calls will often decide if a caller becomes a client.

Not only do I have to be knowledgeable about Infinity itself, I also need to know the challenges that are common in the caller’s industry and their business. Luckily, at Infinity we practice what we preach and I use our product alongside every call to give me advanced insight into what they need. The benefits to my day-to-day work are noticeable, here are some of them:

Clear Customer Vision

When a prospect calls us, I know how much they’ve seen of the product on our site, which gives me a vision about how they intend to use Infinity. I know what solutions have caught their attention, and can gauge what their intent is. I then know how to position the conversation to make it as relevant as possible to them. This has quite literally saved me hours (and our callers) as I’ve managed to qualify them without the need for endless irrelevant questions to establish the next best course of action. It’s a win-win for both of us.

This data is fed straight into Salesforce this is the CRM we use here but Infinity can integrate with other CRM's so other colleagues who interact with the caller know the journey too, and can move things forward from an informed position.

Each call is better than the last

This is a mantra that runs right through our team. It’s something we strive to deliver to our customers, because we see how it works. Each call is recorded and logged, allowing us to immediately pick out what worked, and identify opportunities for improvement.

This also means that I’m able to focus a lot more on the call. I know I can listen back afterwards, so I don’t have to focus on scribbling down notes. Instead, I can devote my full attention to serving the caller . Once a prospect is qualified and I pass them onto the relevant sales or customer success team member, the call record is already in Salesforce for them to listen to. My colleagues can then pick up the conversation fully informed, ready to provide efficient, high quality service.

Training the team

A huge benefit of using Infinity every day within our sales team is how quickly we train up new call staff. Within weeks, new colleagues are operating with a level of intuition that would take months if we didn’t have the tools to inform and guide them on hand.

As well as providing them with the benefits I mentioned above, I can also use their call recordings to help highlight things that worked or areas to work on. We also log all inbound calls, and I have saved a mix of ones that I play to people to highlight how to handle certain situations and deliver a call that satisfies the prospect.

I also use Infinity’s Eavesdrop feature to listen in on calls my colleagues have with clients and prospects, and give them guidance without the other person hearing. This is far easier and less distracting than mouthing instructions or passing notes. I’ve used it countless times to help newer call staff save opportunities and deliver a better service to our clients.

Do you want to build a better performing sales team, and do it quicker than you could before? Start a conversation with Infinity today (you might even be speaking to me).

See how Infinity improves the day-to-day work of a digital marketer

What do other sales teams think?

Elements Behavioral Health "The Infinity solution has helped numerous aspects of our business, the most pivotal being the Caller Insight App, which allows us to automatically stamp the marketing source data against our calls in Salesforce. This allows our operators to immediately understand the needs of the caller, which allows them to focus all their time on providing the best service for our customers. Another key benefit is that it automatically attributes the call tracking cost data to the conversion value, which allows us to see our true Return on Advertising Spend.”

Judy Silva | VP, Access Systems and Call Center at Elements Behavioral Health

British Gas "The main benefit of having Infinity is knowing exactly which keywords are driving quality calls from PPC. Before - with ResponseTap - we used to get lots of 'Not tracked' data, which made the report useless. Infinity is well integrated with AdWords and their support team has worked hard with our agency, Mediacom, to give us those vital insights."

Simone Pignatelli | Online Acquisition Manager, British Gas

Callstream “Infinity’s passion and personality shines through at all times. Their onboarding team genuinely care about their role and I have found them to be thorough, knowledgeable, focused and articulate in all my dealings with them.”

Dax Chauhan | Business Development Manager, Callstream

Emily Parker

Emily Parker

Senior Sales Development Manager
Emily loves helping our potential clients solve their business challenges. When she's not in the office, you'd be surprised just how often she's lying on a beach in sunny Spain.

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