3 ways call intelligence closes more sales

23 Feb 2020 in

The phone is a powerful selling tool in a salesperson’s arsenal. Its ability to help create instant rapport between a seller and a prospect can tilt the sales scales in the right direction. Far more than a faceless website checkout page.

Therefore, it’s important to hyper-streamline your approach over the phone to make the most of this channel and close more sales.

But, becoming a ninja of phone sales takes patience, practice, and really listening to what the customer needs, daily.

So, anything that can help you close more sales - and close them faster - will undoubtedly prove beneficial to your success as a salesperson. No matter what you’re selling.

Here are the 3 ways call intelligence closes more sales and gives you the best chance of making your sales quota.


It’s crucial to gain as much information about your caller before you begin a conversation. This is where Call Whisper’s strength lies.

Let’s say you’re operating a 20% discount promotion. If a visitor has researched the promotion on a specific page and decides to call in, Infinity will whisper to the operator the specific deal the customer is interested in, and the channel they originated from.

This saves you time by eliminating the need to bombard your customer with questions and focuses your time on closing the sale.

However, if you fancy kicking things up a notch, you could try the Caller Insight App.

Caller Insight App

According to CSO Insights, 42% of sales reps feel they do not have the right information before even receiving a sales call1. So, try to think of the Caller Insight App as Call Whisper on steroids.

(Our technical architect’s words, not ours)

The caller insight app will tell you:

  • Which touchpoint the caller originated from (product pages, special offer adverts)

  • What action the caller took on your website (brochure download, coupons downloaded)

  • If the caller has called before and spoken to a different agent.

With real-time insight into the caller’s behaviour, you can pepper personalisation into your conversation and create a genuine connection with your customer. Also, with a solid understanding of what the caller has been viewing on your site, you can help your sales reps increase their average order value through intelligent upselling.

“The real-time insight app allows our operators to immediately understand the needs of the caller, which allows them to focus all their time on providing the best service for our patients.”

Judy Silva | VP Access Systems and Call Center, Promises Behavioral Health


Intelligent call routing is your fast-pass ticket to success.

Let’s say you’re a travel operator who has sales reps divided across each section of your packages. One salesperson could be assigned to luxury cruises and another to safari adventures.

If a potential customer decides to call in from the safari adventures page, you can configure this call to be routed to the correct salesperson and bypass everyone else. As this salesperson has the knowledge, experience, and confidence in speaking about exotic safari adventures, they’ll have the best chance at closing that particular deal.

Rather than expecting your sales team to be a jack of all trades, and a master of none, you can give them the best possible chance to close deals they know they can sell.

A triptych of success

All of these features are hugely effective on their own, but imagine combining all three and harnessing their power on every single transaction.

How many more sales could your team close, and how quickly could they do it?

What would this mean to your annual sales numbers?

Plus, throw in the industry-leading call tracking technology and you could start figuring out what’s making the phone ring in the first place, so you can do more of what’s working, and less of what isn’t.

If you’re ready to start closing more sales quickly and efficiently, then you can either click the link below or just start a conversation via live chat.

Close more sales 

1.Prior informatio before a sales call, Lattice Engine, (2019)

Chris Ward

Chris Ward

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Chris's motto at work, and in life, is "Never limit yourself, keep growing. Every obstacle presents an opportunity to improve our condition." This mentality supercharges his approach in creating memorable conversations with our clients.

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