Case studies

Saint Leo University

How did this historic university boost high quality calls from PPC by 113% and improve call center efficiency?


See how the digital agency’s PPC strategy is generating clicks that are 34.9% more likely to lead to calls.


Learn how the world leaders in data recovery doubled their calls from PPC, while also increasing their quality.

Blue Bay Travel

Discover how this growing travel brand reduced their cost-per-booking by 32%.


Discover how one of the UK's most trusted contact centres used Infinity to achieve a 21% increase in leads generated.

Ramsay Health Care

Learn why success at two hospitals led Ramsay Health Care to roll Infinity out to 30 more, including a 22% boost in calls.

In Place Of Strife

Discover how In Place Of Strife use Infinity to increase their number of enquiry calls, whilst ensuring the right type of leads were being generated via their channels.

Royal Mail MarketReach

Discover how call intelligence increased leads for MarketReach by 73% whilst cutting cost per lead by 31%.

Flight Centre

Find out how Flight Centre successfully tripled their conversion rate on high-value calls by analysing conversations at scale.

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