Saint Leo University

How did this historic university boost high quality calls from PPC by 113% and reduce call waiting times by 25%?

The Challenge

Saint Leo needed an updated, more comprehensive call tracking solution to accurately analyze and understand the volume of calls they received on a daily basis. They needed to see where, when, and how they were arriving to ensure high standards of service and to inform marketing tactics.

Without addressing this challenge, Saint Leo would be unable to tell if their call center was properly staffed and may lose efficiency in communications with prospective students. This would impact contact rates with prospective students, and put enrollment goals at risk.

Why Infinity?

Infinity’s range of integrations meant they fit easily into Saint Leo’s existing tech stack, while also greatly surpassing the call intelligence capabilities of the existing solution. The high standard of onboarding and support meant implementation was as seamless as possible.

The solution

Infinity worked with CloudControlMedia (Saint Leo’s digital agency) to implement dynamic phone numbers, giving clarity on what source callers were arriving from, what pages they were calling from, what programs they were interested in, and the date they first came to Saint Leo’s website (even if different from when they called). This insight was used to optimize paid digital campaigns, and deliver a better experience.

Geographic data was used to inform where high volumes of calls are received from to adjust Admissions Counselor hours based on user location, as well as informing CloudControlMedia on what activity was connecting with potential applicants in different locations.

Saint Leo was also able to use call recordings provided by Infinity to train current and new Admissions Counselors.

The outcome

Saint Leo received and accurately attributed a record number of inbound calls in 2019 using the dynamic numbers from Infinity on each landing page. Looking at year-on-year call data, Saint Leo achieved the following results:

  • 113% rise in high quality calls from PPC
  • Total incoming calls increased by 78%
  • Call waiting times reduced by 25%
  • 26% fewer missed calls, despite the call total increasing
  • Conversion rate of PPC visits-to-calls rose by 103%

Saint Leo will continue to use Infinity to drive further benefits, with plans to implement more features in future to help streamline communications with prospective students.

What the client says

"Infinity offered an easy one-stop solution that covered our client’s needs with easy access to support staff, dynamic numbers, and an ability to integrate with Salesforce. Our clients in education use Infinity to accurately attribute where inbound phone calls are coming from to give a more complete picture of cost per lead, and ultimately per student."

Matt Bregel | Vice President Digital Media, CloudControlMedia

Saint Leo University was established in 1889, and currently has over 14,000 students. It was one of the first universities to offer distance learning to students, as well as those studying at its Central Florida campus and 35 regional locations. It pioneered educational opportunities to military members, families, and veterans as well as welcoming students from over 80 countries.

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