Learn how the world leaders in data recovery doubled their calls from PPC, while also increasing their quality.

The Challenge

As data recovery specialists, Ontrack’s customers tend to call as soon as they need them. This means that around half of their leads come in via the phone, and that it’s pivotal Ontrack know how their customers are finding that phone number.

Ontrack significantly invest in PPC and other marketing activities, but weren’t able to highlight what was working and accurately attribute what contributed to revenue. This risked wasted budget, lower conversion rates, and missed opportunities.

They were also involved in a worldwide digital transformation, part of which involved standardising technology across the whole company to improve operational efficiency.

Why Infinity?

Ontrack had been experimenting with call tracking platforms since 2012, but chose to switch to Infinity in 2015, the call tracking provider with the highest level of data accuracy available. Infinity’s API also meant that a more customised CRM integration could be built across multiple markets, while the greater global coverage meant that Ontrack’s longer-term digital transformation plans could be accommodated for.

The solution

By putting Infinity’s dynamic numbers on their websites, Ontrack were swiftly able to track the tactics that had led to a call with greater accuracy than before. This included PPC words right down to the individual keyword, other digital channels, and a more detailed view on how channel partner leads were reaching them.

Ontrack has also connected Infinity to their CRM systems. Not only does this help build the detailed view mentioned above, but also helps reduce the workload on Ontrack’s inbound sales team, as Infinity’s call data is automatically entered into the contact forms. This creates a better experience for the caller as well as the phone agent, who also has a better view of the pages they viewed before calling.

The outcome

Ontrack can now accurately point to the specific source and journey that led to their calls. They are expanding the functionality of their CRM integration and - following a trial period in the UK - Ontrack’s usage of Infinity greatly expanded in May of 2018 when it was rolled out globally. They are now using Infinity in 25 markets and counting.

Here are some of the year on year results Ontrack achieved with Infinity before the expansion:

  • 137% boost in number of calls from PPC
  • 4% increase in conversion rate on traffic from PPC
  • Longer, better quality calls from paid activity
  • Total number of leads raised by 45%
  • Missed calls plummeted by 93%

Using Infinity for web form data, live chat, and other online conversions is another way that Ontrack has recently started to use Infinity’s API. They are also increasing connections between Infinity’s data and their APAC and US CRM systems.

What the client says

Successfully tying calls to the responsible activity was a missing piece of our puzzle for so long. Infinity hugely impressed us with their professionalism and quality of data, they were a standout choice for rolling out across all markets. Their API is also top quality and straightforward to use, we’ve implemented it in many additional projects to improve attribution and conversion rates.

Sam Wiltshire | Head of Digital Transformation, Ontrack

Ontrack invented the data recovery industry in 1985. Since then they have been recovering data around the world for both companies and consumers. Secure data erasure, software, computer forensics, and ediscovery are other areas that Ontrack has since lent their expertise to. They are part of the KLDiscovery group and now employs more than 1,200 employees worldwide across 30 offices.

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