Infinity Post Impression Display Campaign Integration

Published on 17th Oct 2016 in Digital Marketing

This innovative feature allows you to identify the value your display advertising campaigns are delivering in terms of offline conversions.

How integration with DoubleClick Campaign Manager can help your business

Infinity's post-impression integration provides clarity even earlier in the life cycle, by collecting data on how first impressions contribute to the customer acquisition stage.

Integrating with DoubleClick Campaign Manager gives you the ability to:

  • Establish the true value of a digital campaign, by revealing previously hidden offline conversions
  • Discover how impressions & ad clicks influence offline conversions
  • Use insights to increase campaign efficiency – exclude customers who converted by phone from current campaigns
  • Exploit upsell & cross-sell opportunities with customers who have called
  • Compare and contrast customers who converted over the phone with other customer groups, use lookalike mapping to identify & reach similar groups

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How DoubleClick Campaign Manager and Infinity work together

Our integration allows you to monitor every caller’s journey, giving you better understanding of your customer base.

Our integration allows you to reinforce the data that you have in DoubleClick Campaign Manager to include visibility of phone call activity. You can use Infinity phone call data to create lists that include and exclude users who have called from various new campaigns. For example, visitors who have called can be excluded from certain ads in the future, or can be retargeted with cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

Who can use the Infinity-DoubleClick Campaign Manager integration?

It’s a particularly exciting integration for direct response advertisers, giving them greater insight than ever before into how direct response campaign impressions assist conversions when a transaction takes place.

Mark Boniface
Solutions Partner Director

Passionate about staying up to date with the latest technologies and delivering great user experiences. He loves his family, climbing mountains, space and the IoT.

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