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16 Feb 2017 in

Our developers are constantly working on new ways to make the Infinity PBX offering the best all-round call centre solution for your business. What’s more, we use our tool internally which means we perfectly understand the needs and demands that our customers have for our product.

Recently, we noticed a need for improved internal sales training to accompany our expanding team, so we decided to use our own technology to streamline our employee on-boarding process.

With the Infinity team growing in the UK and branching out into the US, the importance of getting new employees up and running and, more importantly, confident on the phones is paramount.

What is Eavesdrop?

Eavesdrop is a permission-based feature enabling PBX users to listen in on calls and whisper advice to the operator in real time without the client or prospect knowing.

When connected to an active call, an Eavesdrop user can choose from one of the following three options on their telephone keypad:

  • Press 1 to whisper to the operator: your handset will be unmuted to the operator only, allowing them to prompt the operator in their conversation to the client/prospect.
  • Press 2 to engage: your handset will become immediately unmuted and you will enter into a three-way conversation between the operator, the other half and yourself.
  • Press 0 to listen to the call: the default mode when using eavesdrop, your handset will be muted and no other party on the call will be able to hear you.

This allows our newest Infinity team members to pick up the phone with confidence knowing that they will be supported if required. It also allows managers to provide real-time feedback to make sure new members are operating in line with company values.

Use Eavesdrop to streamline your business calls

The benefits of Eavesdrop don’t stop with new starters. Do you have a difficult call with a prospect or existing client that you need to impress? With Eavesdrop you can make sure you have the right colleagues on hand who can feed you the answers you need to successfully guide the conversation in real-time.

For our sales team especially, Eavesdrop is an invaluable tool as it enables users to listen to other colleague’s calls which can help accelerate their own development. They can convert customers better, smarter and faster with their additional experience gained through eavesdropping.


As Eavesdrop is permission-based by default, you have the ability to block certain operators from being eavesdropped and to grant access only to those you elect. For example, you can block managers or those that regularly make calls of a sensitive nature, leaving you confident that Eavesdrop’s use cannot be abused.


“Upon joining Infinity I went through an excellent sales training programme. Part of this training was using the Infinity Eavesdrop feature on my phone which meant that my manager was able to listen in to my calls in real time. This gave me more confidence to know that help was on hand if I needed it and it made me feel really supported. I was also able to use this feature to listen in real-time to my colleagues calls to understand best practice.”

Emily Parker, Infinity SDR

Getting started with Eavesdrop

This feature is available for all Infinity PBX customers and is incredibly easy to set up. For more information and how to use Eavesdrop, please visit the Knowledge Base.

Mark Boniface

Mark Boniface

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