Beyond Last Click - Infinity Tracking Whitepaper

Published on 30th Jul 2015 in Digital Marketing

Infinity produced a whitepaper which looks at one of the most talked about challenges for digital marketers.

Our whitepaper addresses one of the main challenges that digital marketers come up against on a regular basis and explains how changing your attribution model can start making your campaigns more effective.

Have you thought whether you are assessing your buyers’ PPC journey correctly? Are you pouring resources into the wrong keywords or missing out on opportunities to target your most profitable customers.

The whitepaper covers some of the most important factors you need to consider before choosing an attribution model:

  • Goals and mini-conversions through the whole customer journey

  • Performance of brand vs generic search

  • Conversions on the phone

  • Customer lifetime values

Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Alex Worth
Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Digital marketing enthusiast at Infinity and when not at work is kept on her toes by two cheeky little boys.

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