The challenges we share as marketing managers

16 Mar 2017 in

As marketing managers, we face many challenges on a day-to-day basis. Maybe that's why only 30% of organisations feel that their content marketing efforts are effective.

But what's standing in the way of our success? Is there simply too much to do or does it all come down to our marketing budget? During my time as Senior Marketing Manager at Infinity, I've been able to gather some insights – and solutions – to the challenges we marketers face.

Insights from Marketing Week Live, London

Last week, I went to Marketing Week Live. We were exhibiting so it was a great opportunity to meet new prospects and raise awareness about our brand. While I was there, I took the opportunity to talk to my fellow marketing professionals. I quickly realised that no matter their industry, sector or business model, most marketing managers face the same challenges.

We identified three key challenges:

  1. Boosting lead generation
  2. Proving ROI on all our campaigns
  3. Encouraging the higher-ups to give us a bigger budget

Looking at a recent Hubspot report, this seems well aligned to most other companies marketing challenges.

marketing challenges graph.jpg

So now we've identified some of the the challenges, how do we fix them? I have a few ideas ...

How can call tracking overcome these challenges?

Call tracking is a viable solution to all of these issues. It's an effective tool for marketing managers across the globe as it can vastly improve the productivity of the marketing department.

Here's why:

  • Attribution

By accurately attributing each lead to a specific campaign, you can identify your most successful (and unsuccessful) ventures. The data provided can help you understand how your target market reacts to certain campaigns and inform future marketing decisions in a way that increases conversions. Infinity can monitor both online and offline touchpoints including phone calls, as well as track leads and calls back to the exact PPC keyword that brought them to your company.

  • Calculate ROI

Infinity's call tracking system provides the insights required to accurately calculate CPL and ROI by tracking all incoming leads across all marketing channels, and solves the Research Online, Purchase Offline issue many marketers are challenged with today. It is also possible to integrate Infinity with CRMs like Salesforce. By doing this your sales and marketing data can be synchronised between Infinity and your CRM, so you can manage your marketing campaign to actual sales margin. Giving you insight into your actual cost per lead.

  • Secure your budget

Call tracking data can be easily presented to those who doubt the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

Infinity offers an easy-to-understand platform that integrates with analytics software, such as Google AdWords, and provides insight into the entire customer journey. This makes sure that any marketing decision can be backed up by data, and is therefore much more likely to result in lead conversions.

Read how one of our clients, leading tour operator TUI, drove big change across their business and how they now manage their PPC accounts. They were able to see and understand exactly how they were spending their money and were able to put a return on their advertising spend based on actual data.

I know I would be lost without Infinity, it helps me prove the return on my marketing spend. And of course it’s the go to tool to use when facing my marketing challenges!

If you’d like to find out more about how Infinity can help you get in touch today.

Carol Carini

Carol Carini

Head of Marketing
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