Healthcare Industry Trends: Why Healthcare Practices Should Track Calls to Succeed

23 Jan 2017 in Marketing

According to Google, 88% of people looking for health information start their research online via search engines. Thanks to the internet, patients are becoming more empowered to make their own decisions on where to obtain their healthcare.

Further more, according to research from Deloitte Centre for Health Solutions, developed markets remain the main spenders on healthcare, accounting for 77% of global spend in 2014, and developing markets are projected to increase their share of global spend in healthcare from 23% to 32% by 2020.

Realistically, to remain competitive in the healthcare industry, you need a multi-channel marketing campaign that includes pay-per-click (PPC), social media, search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, and traditional media – but how are you going to track your marketing performance across all these channels? And how are you going to know what channels are driving patients to book an appointment?

Is Your Healthcare Organisation Bleeding Cash?

John Wannamaker said: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted. The trouble is I don’t know which half." This is where Infinity enters the picture. Infinity helps you track calls from all your different marketing channels, giving you an insight into both your online and offline conversions. Therefore, enabling you to make informed decisions to optimise your advertising spend and improve your overall marketing strategy.

Secure a Strong Return on Investment from Your Campaigns with Call Tracking

There was a 10% increase in searches related to healthcare from 2015 to 2016 which can be tied to the increase in smartphone usage. For example, 92% of people use a mobile or smartphone in UK. However, the increase in searches and smartphone usage does not ensure that your healthcare organisation will get more patients automatically.

Understanding how your potential patients behave online before they decide which clinic or healthcare service to use is essential to the success of your marketing campaigns. One way to accomplish this is by enabling your business by using technologies such as call tracking to create efficiencies in your operations and offer a better service to those potential patients.

We put together this infographic about consumer behaviour trends in the healthcare industry to help you formulate a successful plan that can adapt to the needs of modern patients.


To see how Infinity can help you drive higher volumes of profitable patients to your healthcare practice, you can download our Healthcare Case Study or book a demo today.

Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Alex Worth
Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Digital marketing enthusiast at Infinity and when not at work is kept on her toes by two cheeky little boys.

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