7 ways that call tracking will improve your marketing campaigns

27 Apr 2017 in

Your call data tells you so much more than just the number of people who are calling your business.

Understanding and analysing your call log can teach you about your customers; which marketing channels are bringing them in, which pages on your website are causing them confusion and what value their calls are bringing to your business.

We’ve compiled this list of the top 7 ways that call tracking can dramatically improve your marketing campaigns.

Call tracking benefits

1. You can easily justify your campaign expenditure across all channels

Call tracking enables you to justify marketing budgets by proving the true effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, across all channels, without missing any vital call data. With Infinity, you can track all leads from both online and offline channels, providing transparency into what marketing activity is working and what isn't.

2. You will understand your true ROI for PPC campaigns allowing you to optimise effectively

Infinity allows you to measure your cost per call right down to the keyword level. Knowing exactly which PPC keywords are driving quality calls, and which aren’t, can help you stop wasting your PPC budget. Some users have seen savings of over 24%.

3. You will better understand your customers

Call tracking lets you know exactly what marketing channels are driving customers to call your business. Whether they come through online or offline, all marketing activity for instance, PPC, a leaflet, social media or an event, this data is fed into the Infinity Portal to help you better measure the success of your marketing channels and understand what channels are making your customers pick up the phone.

4. You can see the full life cycle of any campaign

Once set up, Infinity doesn’t stop tracking your phone numbers until you say so; you can track results from campaigns days, months or even years down the line.

5. You can improve your content

Being able to track and rate phone calls from all channels allows you to understand which marketing content is generating good quality leads, enabling you to create more of this content and attract better leads. Likewise, knowing which pages of your website are causing people to pick up the phone is useful when optimising your website.

6. Post call rating will help track marketing efforts and successes

Using Infinity’s Post Call Rating feature, each inbound call can be specifically marked with your own customisable ratings such as ‘Lead’, ‘Opportunity’ or ‘Sale’. This means you can easily keep on top of where your leads are coming from, and what quality they are, or even ascertain whether certain keywords and campaigns are attracting an unintended market.

7. Integrate into your CRM or booking system

By tracking the whole customer journey, from initial search through to sale, you can gain real insight to the effectiveness of each campaign and the end results. Allowing you to measure the CPL and CPA and providing true ROI for each campaign.

If you use Salesforce, Infinity's Caller Insight feature delivers real time insights about the customer's interactions with the company straight to the sales operator.

Optimise your marketing campaigns

If you want to make sure your marketing campaigns, advertising spend, and customer experience is as efficient and optimised as it can be, then you need to be tracking your call data.

Get in touch with us today to find out how Infinity can work for your business.

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