Infinity's call tracking closes the gap between online research and offline calls. Customers will still purchase small products online, but when it comes to big-ticket orders, customised requirements, or high-value services many still want to talk directly with a business on their path to purchase. Knowing what’s driving inbound and outbound calls is a cornerstone of a responsible, growth-focused marketing strategy.


"Infinity has totally changed our strategy. As a result, our conversion rate has notably improved, pushing down our cost-per-acquisition."

Stephen Stone
Technical Solutions Architect | The Internet Gardener Ltd

  • Revenue

    Directly track your sales to the initial source
    By integrating our call tracking technology with your CRM platform, you won't just see the calls your activity is generating, but the outcomes too. Easily calculate the ROI by seeing the revenue generated compared to your marketing spend.

  • Cut waste

    PPC clicks can be expensive if they aren't converting
    While some PPC clicks will lead to calls and sales further down the funnel, some lead to nothing. It's crucial to identify which keywords are simply draining your budget and bringing you nothing in return.

  • Local

    Use both dynamic and fixed numbers with a local number
    Infinity provides local numbers for all UK regions to help maintain a strong brand in areas local to your business. If your business is looking to expand, Infinity also provides international call tracking numbers for over 75 countries.

  • Whisper

    Where did a caller come from? We'll tell you
    Knowing the context of a call when you answer it will allow you to provide a far better service, the type that people expect when they contact a more independent business. Infinity will tell you where a caller came from, when they call you up.


Trackable offline numbers

Making the most of your offline marketing budget is vital. If you use flyers, posters, broadcast adverts, or business cards to advertise your products and services, create fixed trackable numbers with Infinity to see what's working.

"By analysing the customer journeys with Infinity, we've nearly doubled the number of people calling us after visiting our website, and boosted the number of quality calls coming from paid search.”

Ricky Towler
Founder | Oak Tree Mobility

Maximise results from your calls

Record every inbound and outbound phone call with a view to improving your touch points throughout the customer journey. Capture call outcomes correctly to facilitate continuous improvements, train your staff in improving their phone manner, and make sure each conversation is better than the last.

Never miss an opportunity

As interest in your business grows, Infinity's missed call alerts make sure you don't miss a potential customer or client during peak times (such as lunchtimes and evenings), or when you're out of the office. Perfect for businesses where client needs sometimes mean the office isn't always fully staffed.

Infinity also forwards calls to mobiles or other sites if staff are away from the phone, maximising the meaningful connections you make with customers without investing in call centres or extra office space.

Call intelligence can be transformational to your business. Contact us today.

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