Infinity Call Tracking solution shortlisted in the UK Search Awards

24 Oct 2016 in

Our Call Tracking solution has been nominated for Best Innovation – Software following support that Infinity provided to our client, Icelolly.

Icelolly turned to Infinity when they realised that their current provider’s inability to record a marketing source for calls to their business meant that they were unable to measure a large percentage of their data. They were spending around 15% of their marketing budget on call tracking, but the data they were receiving was not actionable enough to make efficiencies or measure the return of their marketing spend. They wanted to move to a provider that offered them more granular data and at a better cost.

Infinity provided them with the perfect solution. Not only did Infinity give them the ability to link their calls back to the exact keyword that generated them, but they can also now record the entire customer journey too. From the initial click which often introduces the brand, right through to the last click before a call. This meant that Icelolly could invest more heavily in the keywords that were successful for their business, and less heavily in the keywords that weren’t, since now they weren’t missing large chunks of offline call data.

In addition, Infinity are now an approved Google Tag Manager partner meaning that Icelolly’s call tracking data matches their Google Analytics data, which has provided them with substantially more accurate data. Feeling confident about their improved data, they are now able to better measure their marketing spends and to subsequently create essential efficiencies and grow their PPC campaigns.

Gary Emsley, IT Manager at Icelolly, said “We are now able to track over 99% of calls through our external fixed line, compared to around 60% with the previous call provider. By using Infinity, we can accurately pinpoint which campaigns are driving phone call leads to our affiliate partners. This has allowed us to build efficiencies into our PPC campaign which was not possible with our previous supplier.”

The winners will be announced at the UK Search Awards presentation evening on 30 November at the Bloomsburg Big Top in London. Fingers crossed for Infinity!

Paul Walsh

Paul Walsh

Chief Executive Officer
Founder & Non-executive Director of Infinity. Internet entrepreneur with a passion for all things tech, bit of a geek at heart but with an excellent balance of commercial, technical and marketing thinking. Loves to hit the slopes when he gets the chance.

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