Infinity welcomes staff to both UK and new US offices

23 Feb 2017 in

We are delighted to welcome three new senior staff members into our growing Infinity team, both in our Reigate and new Baltimore office.

These new hires come as part of an ongoing expansion initiative as our customer base in the US continues to grow, a growth that has allowed us to double our total employee headcount over the past year.

Our new Baltimore offices will allow us to work even more closely with our fantastic US client base. Having chosen Baltimore for its affordability, technology workforce and easily accessible direct flights to London, Infinity’s CEO Paul Walsh says: “We want to start to understand American buyers as well as we understand our U.K. buyers."

Meet our new hires

Our new team members bring with them over 50 years’ combined industry experience and will be working hard to drive value and success, both commercially and with our customers.

Andy Sadler, Chief Revenue Officer Kyle Conway,<br>St Gregory Retreat Centers

Andy Sadler has over 20 years' experience in building, growing and scaling enterprise companies.

He will be scaling up our commercial teams in the US and UK, and will oversee revenue generation while also maximising value for customers.

Andy says: “Infinity is in a unique position as a profitable SaaS company with over 800 customers and dominating the UK market. I joined to scale up this rocket ship, and go against the tide in taking a UK company over to the states to dominate the market.”

Trent Walter, Sales Director, N. America Kyle Conway,<br>St Gregory Retreat Centers

Having spent the last 12 years helping companies of all sizes build passionate, client-orientated sales teams, Trent will be hiring a talented sales team adept at solving client's pain points. He will also be playing an integral role in developing Infinity's commercial culture and expanding US services from the Baltimore office.

Trent says: “I joined Infinity for three reasons. Firstly, we have a fantastic team in the UK and the US led by thought leaders in the space. Secondly, we are addressing a critical need for advertisers by providing clarity into how their ad dollars are performing. Lastly, I’m excited about the challenge of building the first US-based sales team and trying to duplicate our success in the UK.”

Michelle Garnham, SVP Customer Success Kyle Conway,<br>St Gregory Retreat Centers

Michelle Garnham has developed world-renowned Customer Success teams within the technology sector for over 10 years. She will be making sure that the needs of our fast-growing customer base are consistently met. Michelle will also play an integral role in developing new customer initiatives and helping clients optimise their ROI.

“Infinity’s customers are loyal, happy and successful already. My goal is to ensure that this continues through implementing customer-centric initiatives that deliver immense customer experience and value.” Says Michelle.

So what's next for Infinity?

We plan to expand our team even further over the next year and are looking to take on another 30 employees by February 2018. 25 of these new employees will be joining us in our new Baltimore offices, with the intention of a further 25-30 joining them in the following years.

It’s great to see that our increased presence in Baltimore is already gaining press attention, with both the Baltimore Business Journal and Baltimore Sun covering the story.

This is a really exciting time for us and we would like to wish Andy, Trent and Michelle all the best for their first few months with Infinity. We look forward to seeing how their unique experience can help us develop in innovative, customer-focused ways.

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