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3 Oct 2018 in

Following a tease earlier this year, we are proud to announce that the biggest update to our platform for eight years is now live.

Our platform has always been full of data, as have many others. But data is only as good as it is functional. That’s why a key focus in this rebuild of our product was reimagining how that data is surfaced and used. Meanwhile, we have wanted to build a framework that gives us a firm footing for adding the future functionality that we have in the pipeline.

After over 380 different test releases and 180,000 lines of code, it’s time to meet our new Hub.


Answer the questions that matter

Nothing was taken for granted in this rebuild, as we spent significant time consulting with clients and poring through our data to see what people were using Infinity to discover. We also studied at great depth how our data can be used for a wide range of businesses and departments.

Infinity users will now find it far easier to find both the questions and answers that will be of great value to them. Our new Hub demonstrates a wealth of data in a useful, and clear manner.

Ease of use

Something that’s become evident to us during our development over the last few years is that a wide mix of people use Infinity. Some will use it every day as a core part of their jobs, others may dip in on a weekly basis to get a view of the bigger picture.

Our new user interface has been engineered to provide a sleek, intuitive experience regardless of how experienced you are with Infinity. This is ideal for senior figures within your business who simply want to surface some top level insights about wider business performance.

Goal Overview.png

Conversation analytics

Every year, billions of calls are made to businesses. These are some of the most direct engagements you can have with your customers, and yet the vast wealth of insights contained within those conversations goes untapped.

The Hub is the gateway to our brand new Conversation Analytics suite. This unlocks the data stored within your phone conversations in an easy to use, useful, and responsible manner. Infinity already has an option to record calls, but this update enables call transcription and meticulous analysis that open up a wealth of new possibilities.

Spot keywords, discover the sentiment of both parties throughout a phone call, easily catalogue calls by certain topics or actions, and use machine learning to improve the accuracy of understanding you have about your customer’s conversations.

We’ll be talking about this in more depth at a later date, but do talk to us if you’d like to discuss how you could use it now.


Deep dive

As well as making the bigger picture easier to understand, we’ve also made it a breeze to dive into granular data, analyse the segments that matter to you, and access individual calls for training purposes.

This will enable marketers to gain a more precise view on what type of calls their work is driving, it will help contact centres highlight best practice, and will improve the performance of phone sales staff.


Get your hands on the Hub

The Hub is currently rolling out to all qualified packages. You will receive an email once you have been granted access, please contact support with any questions.

If you are not currently an Infinity client but would like to explore our new Hub, please start a conversation with us today.

Chris Sedlmayr

Chris Sedlmayr

Product Director
Passionate about solving business problems with our technology, and pushing Infinity forward in all areas. Proud husband and father of two.

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