Have you been affected by Reach Local going into Administration?

18 Dec 2015 in

This week's news that Reach Local have gone into Administration means a worrying time for all involved, especially at this time of year.

The announcement reads that although the business has been placed under administrators' supervision, it would continue to trade as usual whilst a buyer for the business is found.

Reach Local provided channel level Call Tracking amongst a range of other services. If your tracking has been affected by this recent announcement, Infinity may be able to support you in getting your Call Tracking services running quickly and be able to investigate porting any key fixed numbers that are affected.

Concerned or need advice? Then give us a call.

Infinity take call tracking to the next level with their leading call technology

The traditional approach to call tracking was to use a unique number for each marketing source, such as advert in a newspaper or TV, or even PPC campaign or ad group. Many clients manage portfolios of tens of thousands or even millions of PPC keywords; therefore using the traditional approach where a unique number is used for each campaign, ad group or even keyword is not scalable. There are just not enough phone numbers in circulation to map one keyword to one phone number. Plus, this approach of mapping a number to a marketing source is very “Last Click” focused, which is being moved away from in the industry.

Using a visitor level approach gets around the number limit, as the amount of visitors to a site is a lot more viable to track and also allows for the ability to track multiple touch points and use attribution models.

Infinity provides the leading visitor-level Call Tracking service. The Infinity Tracking system delivers visitor and keyword level call tracking by using a unique Infinity identifier to associate all the various touch points into one easy to view visitor journey. This visitor journey includes the keyword that generated any PPC clicks to the client’s website, the browsing of the visitor, any goals the visitor may have triggered (form fills, brochure downloads etc.) and of course any phone calls made.

This then enables PPC Managers to get visibility of how calls relate to PPC ad groups, campaigns and keywords. This gives the PPC Manager actionable data about which keywords deliver ROI and therefore should bid more aggressively on the keywords that work and reduce bids on the keywords that don’t.

Alex Worth

Alex Worth

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