Don’t look track in anger: Infinity opens Manchester office

28 Nov 2019 in News

If you'd like to have a chat about working in our Manchester office, click the link below.

Work in our Manchester office

Anyway, here’s Wondercall.

Okay, enough with Oasis puns.

Following our recent expansions to London and San Francisco, it’s my pleasure to announce that this week Infinity has opened the doors on our first Manchester office.

This is now our fifth client-facing location, demonstrating our dedication to providing a local service with a human interface.

Initially, we will focus on providing a more direct level of service to our clients in Manchester, and nearby cities. We’ll also be spending a lot more time with our existing agency partners and contacts in the area, who will see the benefit of having Infinity staff closer to hand to help with pitches, strategy, and customer success.

Why Manchester?

We have never been afraid of jumping on the M1 at 4:00 AM or spending a morning using train WiFi on the way to meet clients and partners in Lancashire, Yorkshire, and beyond.

This is exemplified in recent months by our sponsorship of Search Leeds and our acquisition of Swinton Insurance as a client, whose head office is in Salford.

We recognise the city’s crucial role as a leading tech hub in Britain, and many other founders have been keen to evangelise about how much promise the city holds. Being on the doorstep of so many exciting businesses, digital agencies, and other ambitious tech partners was an opportunity far too good to pass up.

What now?

We're four days in and our team has already booked in meetings with our existing partners in Leeds and Sheffield, as well as Manchester. We’ve brought on board talent with backgrounds in the call tracking industry and at digital agencies, with more planned to come on board in the coming months.

"As someone who has lived and worked in the city all my life, it's an honour to be part of Infinity's first wave of staff in Manchester. We have a world-class, market-leading product and I can't wait to provide Infinity's partners in the area with an unmatched level of support in serving their clients."

Alex Hughes | Partner Account Director, Infinity

Howdy (new) neighbour

Whether you’re already in touch with us, or you’re interested in finding out more, we’d love to start a conversation with you. Give us a call, message us here, or use the live chat to tell us more about your challenges.

Chief Executive Officer

Paul Walsh
Chief Executive Officer

Founder & Non-executive Director of Infinity. Internet entrepreneur with a passion for all things tech, bit of a geek at heart but with an excellent balance of commercial, technical and marketing thinking. Loves to hit the slopes when he gets the chance.

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