Call-ifornia Dreaming: Infinity opens San Francisco Office

16 Oct 2017 in News

Since our investment last year, expanding our customer support and success teams has been a key priority for us, which we have executed in both our UK and US offices.

Today, I am pleased to announce that Infinity opens the doors on our San Francisco office, establishing a presence on the west coast to complement our Maryland office over in the east.

What does this mean to Infinity’s enterprise clients living in Pacific Standard Time? Well, we’ve barely cut the ribbon, and a customer success team has already moved in…

Why start with success?

Why not? Feedback from our existing client base shows they value Infinity's focus on onboarding, supporting them, and then ensuring they're getting optimal value from their investment. It’s a key differentiator in our favor, so it was important to put one of our best feet forward with our new office.

Our customer success team are a group of specialists who work alongside our enterprise clients to ensure they are hitting their KPIs, and are getting the maximum return on their investment in Infinity.

All the work we’re doing to bring more customers on board means nothing if we aren’t looking after the ones we already have. Ensuring our high standard of support is already in place for our enterprise clients on the West Coast was a deliberate move to highlight our commitment to them. Now that our clocks are aligned, we are in a better position to provide the service you need, when you need it.

Danielle Walsh “Having worked alongside Infinity’s clients for six years, it’s an honor to be bringing our world class customer success program to San Francisco. I look forward to continuing our close, long-term relationships with our clients, but now I’ll be able to take them out for a nice lunch too.”

Danielle Walsh | Customer Success Manager, Infinity

What next?

Now that boots are on the ground, our immediate priority is to get to work alongside our existing nearby clients. But once we have set up the pool table, installed a coffee machine, and adopted an office pet (or plant) we’ll be looking to help new enterprise clients who come on board.

Over the next twelve months we’ll also be looking to add more support and sales staff to this office, these roles will be featured on our careers page in due course.

So, if you are a business in the West Coast and would like to see the benefits that Infinity, call intelligence, and our customer success program brings to you, then start a conversation with us today.

Chief Executive Officer

Paul Walsh
Chief Executive Officer

Founder & Non-executive Director of Infinity. Internet entrepreneur with a passion for all things tech, bit of a geek at heart but with an excellent balance of commercial, technical and marketing thinking. Loves to hit the slopes when he gets the chance.

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