Bing Ads has now rolled out Upgraded URLs globally

20 Jan 2017 in

Bing’s global roll out of upgraded URLs means that you will no longer need to tag new keywords when adding them to your Bing account.

The upgrade follows Google’s update to replace the Destination URL field with a Final URL field, creating a new field for tracking management. Users have been able to import ads with upgraded URLs from AdWords to Bing since last summer, but Bing Ads have now announced roll out of Upgraded URLs for all ads in all markets.

What has changed?

The Destination URL field has now separated into a Landing Page URL field and a Tracking Parameter field. With the Tracking Parameter field, you can define an account level tracking template which allows you to update your tracking parameters and apply these changes to all of your campaigns, ad groups, sitelinks and more, in just one click. The Landing Page field is simply the web address of your landing page, where people land when they click your ad.

Previously we tagged at Keyword level, however this new method allows us to tag at Campaign & Ad Group level. You can therefore add new Keywords without having to individually tag them as these will inherit the Campaign or Ad Group tracking templates. As with AdWords, this update means that your Upgraded URL's (previously destination URL's) history will no longer be affected by tagging changes made when adding 3rd party tracking tags.

Bing Upgraded URLs

How do these changes affect how I'm using Infinity?

If you have not already upgraded to the new Bing Upgraded URLs, our Portal tagging tool will not do this automatically as it does for AdWords. Please ensure that you are upgrading your Bing URLs before using our check tagging tool.

Please note that:

  • Our manual tagging Macro will work with old URLs but it does not work with new upgraded URL accounts
  • Check Tagging will not tag old Bing accounts but will only work with new upgraded URL accounts

There are two different ways that you can upgrade your existing destinations URLs to Upgraded URLs. You can import from Google AdWords in either Bing Ads or Bing Ads Editor, or you can move existing destination URLs to final URL/tracking template using Bing Ads Editor. For more information on this, follow these steps as outlined by Bing.

Please see our Knowledge base for more information on tagging your Bing account with Infinity PPC tags.

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Danielle Walsh

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