Infinity announces major C-suite hires

2 Dec 2019 in

At Infinity, we have never been shy about our aspirations to expand the possibilities of call tracking, and ensure businesses make the most of every conversation. Our new office in Manchester and recently acquired new funds - enabling us to accelerate growth both organically and via acquisition - will put us in good stead to deliver these visions.

But none of this can be achieved without training and hiring brilliant people at every level of our organisation, so it gives us great excitement to announce our newest additions to our C-suite.

Infinity-Maria-Psaltak-150.png Maria Psaltaki has joined us as Chief Product Officer, and will be bringing a wealth of experience in leading efficient, effective product teams that build things to last. On her appointment, she tells us:

Infinity’s existing product is already an exciting market leader, with the foundations to expand and evolve to solve many more challenges. The combination of culture, people, and technology was inspiring, and tells me we have the ingredients here at Infinity to be the global number one in multiple areas.

Maria comes from an engineering background, that led to various roles in building and launching products around the world. She has led teams for the likes of, Velocity Partners, and Blackberry, bringing experience to us from the telecoms, B2B, and finance industries.

My first goal is to see how we can optimise the feedback loops we have from our customers and the marketplace to our product team. Once those channels are set up efficiently, there are several innovative projects that I am keen for us to explore, work on, and implement.

Infinity-Robert-Prosser-150.png Robert Prosser also joins Infinity as Chief Financial Officer. During his time at Sapio, he was Finance Director while the company grew from 17 employees to over 250, perfectly positioning him to help guide Infinity’s ambitious roadmap.

I believe the purpose of finance is not to review the past but to lift our heads and look forward; mark where we want to be and then ensure we get there; every time. I am excited at the prospect of helping Infinity deliver on our goals and be ready for whatever opportunities come our way in the years to come.

These two hires follow the appointment of Jo-Anne Illman as HR Director, and Stuart Dawson as Non-executive Chairman in Q1 of 2019. They have also been followed by our hire of Sarah Jones as Marketing Director. With the hire of Prosser, our former CFO Warren Newbert has been appointed as COO in order to take a more hands-on approach to Infinity’s commercial growth.

What does it mean?

We’ve recently had many great names come on board as clients and have just achieved our biggest ever quarter, with a lot of exciting opportunities still in the pipeline for 2019. But we can’t rest on our laurels, these hires are packed with experience, drive, and a proven track record. We’re building an executive team that’s designed to lead our next big push, which will elevate our product as well as pleasing even more happy clients and partners.

Paul Walsh | Founder and CEO, Infinity

We’d love you to join us on the next step of this journey. To be kept in the loop about how Infinity can help you overcome your challenges both today and tomorrow, start a conversation with us here or by using the chat box on the right.

Andy Vale

Andy Vale

Product Marketing Manager
Andy has spent years obsessively analyzing B2B and B2C digital marketing campaigns and technology. Outside of his family, his main loves are Woking FC, his Xbox and his National Trust membership.

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