A note from the CEO: Major promotions reward outstanding performance

23 Jul 2020 in

Infinity CEO Warren Newbert announces major promotions after his first three months at the helm.

As we saw in our blog a month ago, it’s been an interesting time for a wide range of industries who have seen different speeds and scales of recovery since deepest lockdown. As a call tracking business, we are only as strong as the relationships we maintain with, and the support that we provide to, our customers and partners. So I’m proud and appreciative of every last one of our employees, who have gone over and above to support those relationships during this time, many of whom have faced new challenges and had to adapt to different situations.

There are many people I’m looking to reward and recognise in some way in the near future, and I’d like to start with announcing some promotions to our leadership teams that I am proud to make.

Jo-Anne Illman - Chief Human Resources Officer

One of the key things that has kept staff wellbeing strong and morale high during this time is our connection with our people. I feel it’s crucial that they are represented at the highest level of the company and that we have a compelling people agenda, so our latest promotion to the C-Suite is Jo-Anne Illman, who will be our Chief Human Resources Officer.

Jo-anne joined us a year ago, and has played a key role in keeping staff informed, motivated, supported, and engaged during lockdown. We have a lot of exciting projects ahead including fully building out talent matrices and career planning.

Matthew Whiteway - Chief Commercial Officer

We recently published an eye-opening blog from Matthew Whiteway about his unusual first 90 days at the company, joining us as Global Sales Director mere hours before we went into lockdown.

What his account humbly misses out is the tremendous results his team have been delivering since, far surpassing our (original) expectations for the period, both in terms of booked deals and developing the quality of the pipeline. The work done in this time has also empowered us to look forward to even more promising months ahead. What has been very evident is that Matthew is a great leader of people - offering a challenge, inspiration, and support - and is deserving of a broader role within the business, so it has been decided to promote him to Chief Commercial Officer.

Paula Morales - Head of Marketing

Paula Morales has set very high standards for her work ever since joining us almost four years ago. Many have noted how her diligent, detail orientated approach combined with an eager creativity has consistently raised the bar on our marketing team’s performance.

As many different industry landscapes changed drastically, our marketing team has needed to be agile and decisive in response. Paula has stepped up as Head of Marketing to lead a team that have continued to deliver impressive results when things were stacked against them.

Paula shortly leaves us to go on maternity leave and we wish her and her family well and look forward to welcoming her back as soon as she is ready, willing, and wanting to return.

Why not join them?

Interested in joining us on the next step of this journey? Infinity are currently hiring for a mix of roles across sales, solutions, and support, with more roles being added in the coming weeks. Head over to our careers page to see what opportunities we currently have open.

Warren Newbert

Warren Newbert

As CEO, Warren combines his passion for creating a winning strategy with a knack for people and numbers. When he's not in the office, he can be found on the side of the pitch coaching his sons' football team.

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