How did Royal Mail MarketReach use call intelligence to execute needle-moving tactics that delivered more revenue?

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MarketReach are a team of dedicated experts who exist to help organisations drive revenue using direct mail. Their team of direct mail specialists, planners, and media experts help plan and target mail campaigns to maximise effectiveness and deliver a strong return on investment. They drive innovation in direct mail and can help to measure and evaluate the commercial impact of the channel.

Delivering higher revenues by generating more high⁠-⁠quality calls

The challenge

For businesses needing to conduct door drop campaigns, a call to the Door-to-Door service from Royal Mail MarketReach is an important step. But the time businesses spend reviewing their options can vary, and it’s vital for MarketReach to connect the dots between an enquiry and a conversion. Failure to do this makes delivering value on marketing spend particularly tricky and hides potential opportunities to help customers find other products to use.

Customer journey data is fed into a custom setup of Adobe, designed to give a comprehensive view of the journey. But visibility on this journey is disrupted when a call is made, which will often yield a valuable order either on that call, or when nurtured at a later date. Visibility and understanding of these journeys are vital to helping MarketReach efficiently drive revenue.

Why Infinity?

The Kite Factory, the media agency working with MarketReach on Royal Mail’s business, had built a long-term, trusted relationship with Infinity after using them for multiple clients over five years. They recognised that Infinity’s dynamic, visitor-level tracking capabilities were perfect for joining together the dots on what is often a long customer journey.

Infinity’s seamless ability to work alongside Tealium, Adobe, and other tech providers also meant it was a convenient addition to the tech stack of MarketReach.

The solution

Infinity’s call tracking data is integrated into Adobe to fill the gaps in customer journeys involving phone calls. This desired 360 view of the customer journey is then fed into their CRM system. Matching up leads to customer journeys has saved MarketReach costs and has given a more accurate view on their lead pipeline.

This empowers The Kite Factory to deliver better quality leads for MarketReach by understanding the channels that drive calls. Infinity enables them to save time, optimize budgets, and focus on strategies that drive meaningful results. Knowing this journey helps MarketReach know what a customer has seen, and what products they may be interested in.

Using Infinity’s call rating feature, MarketReach can quantify different types of calls to get a clear view on what activity is driving the best calls. For example, a call over three minutes would be logged as a Quality Call, as this would tend to indicate a meaningful enquiry.

Calls over 3 minutes = Quality calls

Infinity’s clarity on the full customer journey improves the attribution that MarketReach can see and act upon towards their direct and indirect revenue targets. Before, they had to rely on driving volume to push towards reaching these targets. The improved visibility on marketing’s contribution to commercial goals allows them to be more efficient.

The outcome

With Infinity providing actionable insight and guidance on call data, they were able to work with The Kite Factory to prove what was working and execute needle-moving tactics. Comparing the build-up to the Christmas period in 2017 and 2018, MarketReach and The Kite Factory achieved the following results with Infinity for the Door-to-Door service:

  • Leads increased by 73% whilst CPL decreased by 31%.
  • Quality calls increased from 25% in 2017 to 33% in 2018.
  • Total number of calls received more than doubled.
  • Requests for further information increased by 113%
  • Website visits were 4x more likely to deliver calls.

The Kite Factory is working with MarketReach to integrate Infinity into their contact center.

What the client says

Infinity have always had a tremendously valuable and reliable product, while their client servicing has always been exemplary. They have continued this high standard throughout our work together with Royal Mail MarketReach and helped us to achieve some impressive, meaningful results. They’re the only call intelligence provider we recommend to our clients.Nicholas Graham | Digital Strategist, The Kite Factory

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