How did Everest, a British double-glazing and home improvement company, immediately reap the rewards from Infinity call tracking?

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Boost in lead gen from digital channels in 18 months


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Everest Home Improvement (Everest Ltd) is a leading British double-glazing and home improvement company offering a range of products covering almost every area of home improvement including doors, conservatories, garage doors, security systems, flat roofs, and driveways.

Powerful integrations and insights from call data into which marketing activities drive the best results

The client

Everest Home Improvement (Everest Ltd) is a leading British double-glazing and home improvement company. Founded in 1965 Everest is synonymous with quality double glazing and exceptional customer service. As well as their famous double glazing, Everest offers a range of products covering almost every area of home improvement including doors, conservatories, garage doors, security systems, flat roofs and driveways.

The Challenge

Prior to working with Infinity, Everest wasn’t using an advanced system to track the lead sources for large volumes of phone enquiries. They had to rely on data from individual advertising campaigns or from potential prospects for insight into how they had heard about Everest so they could determine which advertising channels were working. The responsibility was then passed to individual sales agents to enter the lead source information into their CRM system, however, this was invariably missed, entered incorrectly or unable to be retrieved as the original source of the lead.

Everest was at the stage where, given all of the onerous complexity surrounding their marketing, they felt that lead tracking was a time-consuming task that actually didn’t produce reliable information to determine which marketing investments were most effective, so hadn’t considered tracking their telephone calls.

Everest’s call enquiries had increased from 35% to 65% in over two years, so they knew that they had to find a solution to determine the volume of calls being driven by their online advertising and which calls were converting to quotes and sales. They began looking for an effective call tracking solution that could be easily implemented, had the capability for advanced features and most importantly was cost-effective.

The Solution

Everest chose Infinity as a viable call tracking solution because of how easily it integrated with all of their systems. It also required no additional hardware, along with the advanced reporting capabilities.

Everest started by using Infinity’s Standard package, which enabled them to work through a controlled implementation strategy. The end plan was to integrate the Infinity data into all their marketing systems. Once they had used the system for a while and had some data to start the integration plan, they upgraded to the Professional package to allow for the full integration.

This enabled Everest to assess which marketing campaigns were driving phone calls, as well as how to make their marketing more effective.

Everest went on to integrate with Double Click Search (DS3). Once they had this integration live, giving them the true picture of their PPC performance, they could bid more aggressively on the keywords that worked and create efficiencies for the ones that didn’t.

The outcome

Call tracking helped Everest to increase the conversion rate of their web calls to appointments and helped them to grow the digital channel as a lead source from 45% to 65% in 18 months.

Call tracking allowed them to identify the actual volume of inbound calls to their call centre that were coming from their website, in addition to other online and offline sources. They reported that issues with an outdated internal telephone system meant that this was impossible to do prior to them using Infinity Tracking, as they couldn’t differentiate the source of inbound calls. Infinity gave Everest the ability to measure and understand how PPC is driving calls, allowing them to optimise PPC content accordingly to improve PPC effectiveness.

As a result, their business achieved a reduction in annual online Cost per Lead of 5.1% and an increase in annual telephone call to appointment conversion rate of 8.4%.

“Prior to working with Infinity, Everest were unable to attribute incoming calls to our contact centre to the digital channel. This was due to an outdated internal telephone system that was no longer fit for purpose. Given the growth of this channel as a lead source, it was crucial that we were able to determine the volume of calls being driven via digital and how this converts to appointments. Integrating Infinity Call Tracking has given us the ability to effectively measure digital as a lead generation channel, better understand our PPC performance and optimize accordingly, and grow the volume of leads generated via the digital channel.” Ryan Gordon

What the client says

Call tracking immediately improved our lead management and gave us specific data on the actual volume of inbound calls being driven from our website to our call centre. Call tracking has given us a much better understanding of our PPC performance and means we can fully optimise our campaigns for peak performance. We can see exactly which campaigns are generating telephone calls, and which are ultimately driving sales.

Call tracking gave Everest insight into an area that was previously not measurable. Ryan Gordon continues by saying: “From a marketer’s perspective, call tracking is vital and needs to be at the heart of all marketing measurement. It gave our business a complete 360 degree understanding of the overall attribution model giving us a complete understanding of where our leads were originating from. The upside of all of this means we get more from our marketing budget, with more intelligent campaigns that deliver sales. Call tracking is, and remains to be, an integral part of Everest’s business.Ryan Gordon | Digital Marketing Manager, Everest

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