How did ESE Direct connect online marketing activity to calls?

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ESE Direct are a retailer of industrial equipment, selling direct through their 400-page catalogue and website. The large product range at ESE Direct includes shelving, trolleys, cabinets, and many more products that are used in industrial and commercial environments.

Gaining full visibility over the channels, campaigns, and keywords driving calls that convert to sales.

The Challenge

ESE Direct wanted to track the customer orders they receive over the phone and the visitors to their website. They had no measures in place and needed to estimate which PPC keywords were driving conversions. As they had no idea which calls were becoming leads, they were unable to measure their marketing spend and therefore couldn’t attribute sales. They needed help.

The Approach

Infinity’s task was to provide ESE Direct with a detailed breakdown of data showing exactly which phone calls drove conversions and sales, with an ultimate goal of helping them use their PPC budget more effectively.

By using the Infinity call tracking solution, ESE Direct now have access to a dashboard full of information tailored for their use, allowing them to generate transaction reports, call reports and goal reports. They can track all phone calls and visitors to their site broken down by channel (PPC being one of these channels) and can also track calls generated from their site, right down to keyword level.

The Results

ESE Direct are now able to monitor how their PPC campaigns are performing. There is no more estimating keyword performance, they can see exactly which PPC keywords are driving conversions and can therefore attribute calls and visitors to sales. They can now set their PPC budget accordingly, which in turn is enabling them to spend their budget more wisely, specifically on which keywords are actually generating calls.

What the client says

Infinity Tracking provides us with valuable data about the phone calls that our website generates. This gives us a clearer picture of what marketing channels and landing pages are generating sales, allowing us to focus our marketing efforts. The setup process was far smoother than anticipated and the on-going support provided has been superb. Infinity Tracking really goes that extra mile with their service and the support we have had from all the team at Infinity is excellent.Lee Newell | SEO and PPC Manager, ESE Direct

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