How did success at two hospitals lead to Ramsay Health Care rolling Infinity out to 30 more?

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Reduction in missed phone calls


Boost in year-on-year calls


Increase in the ratio of website visits to calls


Ramsay Health Care was established in 1964 and has grown to become a global hospital group operating from 480 facilities across 11 countries, making it one of the largest and most diverse private healthcare companies in the world.

Curing the risk of wasted marketing budget with reliable and accurate call data

The challenge

The phone call is one of the most pivotal steps in the journey that Ramsay’s patients take when booking a self-pay treatment. Whether it be a call to the individual hospital or the wider group, it’s vital for Ramsay’s marketing team to get a centralised view on the activity driving those calls.

Achieving this will help them operate efficiently as a group, while also being able to gather localised insights for granular optimisation. Failure to achieve this will slow digitisation efforts, risk a drop in patients choosing Ramsay for treatment, and increase the risk of wasted marketing budgets across the group.

Why Infinity?

Ramsay were already using Infinity at two of their hospitals to identify the source of their enquiries, and to help them improve the service they offer on their calls. After finding Infinity tremendously valuable and straightforward to set up and use, it was identified as the platform to be used across the group for call intelligence.

Infinity’s call tracking platform also integrates with Google Ads and Google Analytics, two key services that were pivotal to Ramsay’s digital marketing strategy.

The solution

Infinity delivered a smooth rollout to all 30 UK hospitals in the Ramsay Health Care group, as well as providing this data to the central marketing team. This included scoping the project, delivering tailored training, and providing a dedicated customer success manager, who ensured Infinity were focussed on the KPIs that mattered to Ramsay.

Ramsay didn’t just segment call tracking data by location (hospital), they also used Infinity to gain insights on how marketing was working for specific self-pay treatments. The data collated gives them insights into what is causing new patients to pick up the phone and seek out self-pay treatments. This is used to highlight to the wider business what aspects of digital marketing are delivering results, while also highlighting tactics that need tweaking.

The outcome

Infinity has now been a trusted partner of Ramsay Health Care for years. Using the insights provided by Infinity, encouraged Ramsay to greatly increase their investment in PPC, as well as delivering the following outcomes:

  • Expanded Infinity use from two hospitals to over 30.
  • Complete holistic, segmentable view of entire digital estate.
  • 14.5% increase in the ratio of visits to calls.
  • 22% boost in year-on-year calls.
  • Visibility on call times led to a 74% reduction in missed calls.

Ramsay are currently working with Infinity to better link booking outcomes to marketing activity, using the Smart Match feature.

What the client says

The insight we received from Infinity is fantastic. It ensures we can monitor and improve digital performance on both a local and a group level. Having seen how useful it was for the first two hospitals we trialled it at, it became evident that Infinity was needed for all of our hospitals. Seeing the value of new developments makes us excited for the opportunities ahead.Nathan Lewis | Digital Marketing Manager, Ramsay Health Care UK

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