Why do shoppers call for luxury goods in 2019?

7 May 2019 in

To some, luxury shopping means immersing oneself in an opulent, prestigious, and first-class store. They’ll envision themselves being doted on by eager sales staff who’ll fulfil any request they may have.

To others, it may mean convenience combined with splendour in the form of a sumptuous website they can visit and still get the “luxe” experience.

But, is this the case anymore? Have people moved on from how they traditionally shop for luxury goods? According to the French Customer Service Centre, Approche Sur Mesure group (ASM), a recent study they conducted found that of their 70 luxury and premium brands, and 2,746,898 contacts, 53% of their buyers chose to dial in over all others modes of communication. This includes chat, email, and social media1.

With this in mind, what does this mean for the future of luxury purchases and why are people suddenly opting to pick up the phone to make a purchase?

Ringing for Rolexes

Luxury purchases mean many things for different people. It could be an extension of their already extravagant lifestyle. Or maybe perhaps an aspiration to hold whilst striving for a better quality in their lives.

Additionally, luxury items also require in-depth discussions, minimal room for error, and, with their higher price points, a brand needs to show a commitment to exceptional service to all of their customers.

So, can a website or live chat feature simply achieve all of the above? Probably not. Although customers may use online platforms to conduct research, almost 75% of all luxury buyers do2, the actual buying of a product during a customer journey occurs via offline platforms, such as stores or over the telephone.

What does it mean for businesses?

BIA/Kelsey predicts that by 2020, businesses in the US alone will receive over 169 billion calls from smartphones, generating $1 trillion of revenue3. Furthermore, the rise in calls for pre-purchase product information has risen 34% according to the worldwide luxury customer relationship survey, requests for information on products via phone calls has risen 34%4.

With these statistics in mind, it is evident that businesses need to understand exactly where their calls are coming from, the context of them, and how they can be optimised to ensure they have a clear view of their customer journey. We will explore one approach later on in this blog.

Who’s already doing this?

As of 2019, Gucci will be opening six service centres, located in Florence and Shanghai, with a dedicated team of over 500 staff. Customers can contact the centres to discuss absolutely anything Gucci related. This could be the latest collections, product information, potential orders, and any queries they may have. By 2020, Gucci will aim to open branches in Tokyo and New York.

[The call centres gives] a direct connection to the Gucci community that is a seamless, always accessible, personalised experience.

Marco Bizzari | CEO, Gucci

Its competitor, Louis Vuitton, similarly offers a client services line which is featured prominently amongst their product pages. Website visitors can access instant engagement from an agent and place an order over the phone, based on what they’ve viewed online.

It’s not just the fashion industry that’s offering customers the option to order via the phone. If you’re selling wheelbarrows instead of womenswear like Infinity client Internet Gardener, a leading retailer of high-quality home and garden products, then phone calls may be your next investment.

Internet Gardener received 35% of their total order via phone calls, accounting for over £1m in revenue in peak season alone.

Click here to see how Infinity increased Internet Gardener’s average order value by 30.21%

What would happen if you didn’t do this?

Except for the obvious consequence of missing out on potential sales, brands could risk frustrating a market that wishes to speak to their business in a preferred way.

If studies are showing that 53% of your client base prefer phone calls in order to make a high-end purchase, and you’re not currently offering this feature, a competitor is just a call away.

With a plethora of choice, consumers really do hold all the cards when it comes to who they decide to buy with. Offering multiple desired means of communication is the key to winning your curious browsers over.

Why do you need Infinity call tracking?

Contact centres are undeniably convenient and capable of offering exemplary service to luxury buyers. But, for businesses they are another channel to monitor, optimise, and develop. With any channel comes the need to learn what’s working in order to create the best practices moving forward.

Call tracking can do just that. Whether your goal is to optimise marketing spend to drive ROI, increase inbound calls, improve how you engage with clients over the phone, or create efficiencies in the customer journey, Infinity call tracking is able to offer a tailor-made solution designed for the unique challenges your business faces.

Additionally, Infinity Call Tracking is the first European business to offer an exclusive Conversation Analytics suite. With its unique capabilities, Conversation Analytics is able to analyse the content of a phone call with the purpose of understanding what was discussed. This is done automatically in order to improve customer service, train phone agents, and understand the type of caller that certain marketing channels are attracting. The recordings can be catalogued, searched, and accessed at scale, saving a tremendous amount of time.

Watch the video below to find out just how Conversation Analytics could be the key to grasping the clarity behind your conversations.


Dial 1 for Dior

Whether you’re selling couture, cars, or arranging service for Cartier watches, you need to be able to track what’s working over the phone. Call us today to discuss how Infinity could be the solution to accessing peak-performance in your contact centre.


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