Infinity now Integrates with Quantcast

31 May 2016 in

Exciting news. Infinity now integrates with Quantcast.

Quantcast_Logo.png Integrating with one of the world’s leading display advertising platforms means you can track where display ads have generated phone calls, giving you an even better understanding of your audience.

Our latest integration allows Quantcast users to access call data with ease, and to tailor criteria to receive only the precise call data they need.

Our client is already using this integration - so how can this integration help you?

What is Quantcast

Quantcast is a display advertising platform that maximises the results of display advertising by presenting ads to visitors based on a set of advanced parameters. These cover everything from location, job, interests, disposable income to over 100 other metrics. Display ads are then presented to users based on their parameters ensuring that advert relevance is much higher than with traditional display advertising systems.

Quantcast integration benefits

  • Better understanding of any audience - Using Quantcast in conjunction with Infinity, you'll be able to track where display ads have generated phone calls, allowing you to see where visitors have called as well as where they have clicked through.
  • The power of two - Quantcast is used by the world’s leading publishers on millions of digital destinations. Integrating Quantcast with Infinity arms you with even better audience intelligence, allowing you to attract more advertisers and acquire users more effectively.
  • Integration is easy - We’ve made the integration process fast and simple. All you need is your Quantcast Account ID - also known as your P-Code. If you’re new to Infinity, just install the main Infinity tracking code to your website, adding the Quantcast integration option as you go. If you’re an existing Infinity client, then a quick update to your Infinity JavaScript code is all it takes. The Infinity support team is always on hand to help you with the process too.

Tailor your integration to get the data you want

Our integration service is designed to help you get the data you need, and gives you precise control. At the click of a mouse, you can choose what data you want to send to Quantcast, as it occurs, such as all calls, all goals, or only calls that met certain goals along the way. You can further narrow your selection by adding additional criteria, such as when the call originated from a particular tracking pool or URL.

Existing integrations

We want to help clients get the most from their data, and have it presented where and how it’s most useful. That’s why we’ve developed more than 25 integrations with the industry’s forefront system providers since 2011.

Google Analytics, AdWords, Tag Man, Live Chat, DoubleClick Search - we already integrate with a wide range of web analytics, bid management, variant testing, tag management platforms and more.

We pass the Infinity data into these systems so that, no matter what 3rd party service you use, you can always view your call data and see the value of your on and offline interactions.

We’re excited to announce the addition of Quantcast to our growing network of integrations. For more information, please contact the Infinity support team who will be happy to offer advice.

Jim Houlden

Jim Houlden

Head of Client Services
Jim ensures we deliver best-in-class account management for our clients. He's also a proud father, an avid Arsenal fan and unashamed sun-worshipper.

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