Pulse Check: what impact has the pandemic had on dialling habits?

8 Jul 2022 in

How’s your industry measuring up today compared to 2019?  

To say a lot has changed over the past three years would be an understatement. Businesses have been faced with unprecedented challenges and consumer habits have evolved at blistering pace. In a world of change, adaptation has been the name of the game. 

Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve seen dialling habits across key industries buck their usual trends, form new ones, and eventually begin to settle into a new normal.  

Now, what feels like an incredibly long three years later, we want to take a look back at how call volumes across different industries have changed since 2019 – and what those changes mean for you. 


Travel: A return to the skies  

As one of the UK’s major economies, this is one sector that has experienced record lows in turnover – and consumer trust. Lockdowns, vaccine rollouts, and travel restrictions all impacted the sector, and the impact of shifting rules could be seen in call volume trends through 2021.   

Now governments have removed the remaining COVID-19 international travel restrictions and are encouraging consumers to book their long-awaited vacations. 

“People should feel encouraged to book their long-awaited holidays, trips to see relatives and friends abroad….” Karen Dee, Chief Executive of Airport Operators Association 

But how many more holidaymakers are reaching for their phones (and their sunscreen) than they were in 2019? 




Our call data shows that the sector has seen a 3.8% increase in call volumes from April 2019 to April 2022. The figure may appear low but, given the challenges the industry has experienced over the past few years, it’s a huge result to see them above where they were three years ago. 


Property: Building on firm foundations  

The housing market has seen a huge boom over the past few years with prices hitting record highs as buyer demand has risen. And the numbers don’t lie. Call volumes were up 39.4% from January to September 2021 and homebuyers have already made a whopping 1.6M calls since the start of 2022. Compared to three years ago, volumes are up 97.9%. 




For those working in the property industry, It’s the perfect time to focus efforts on  tapping into the treasure trove of insight trapped in those calls. Grab a copy our latest eBook - The “empathy" touchpoint – to discover how mortgage brokers and lenders can use call data to better meet borrower needs.  


Healthcare: A healthy lift in calls 

The property sector isn’t alone in seeing an uplift in call volumes over the last three years, With a very impressive 59.6% boost in calls from April 2019 to April 2022, the healthcare industry is truly in a time of sustained recovery.  



That trend was capitalised on by one of our healthcare clients who used the insights in their call data to engineer a 74% reduction in missed calls and pinpoint their top performing marketing activities to boost conversion rates.  


Automotive: The sector speeding towards recovery  

It’s been a bumpy ride for the automotive industry. Supply chain disruption and competitive intensity across online channels has made the past few years particularly challenging for dealerships.  

“Purchasing a car is one of the biggest financial decisions a person can make, so car buyers understandably want to speak to a finance specialist” – John Kirwan, Motor Trader 

Despite the rapid rise of Cazoo and Cinch, 62% of car buyers are still not in favour of making a car purchase entirely online. 

Car buyers are still choosing to engage with a human when making a purchase – whether by visiting a physical dealership or, as our data shows, picking up the phone. 




Automotive brands have seen 68.5% more calls from April 2019 to date. And dealerships like Pendragon have been using the increased amount of data coming down their phone lines to drive incredible performance improvements – like a 63.8% reduction in CPA. 


Insurance: Post-pandemic growth in call volumes 

The pandemic has seen demand for life and health insurance rise. And this increase is reflected in our call data which shows a 16.5% uplift between April 2019 and April 2022. 




This positive lift in call volumes serves as a reminder that insurers can’t afford to neglect the telephone as a key communication channel when striving to meet consumers’ demands for connected customer experiences and slick purchase journeys.  

Our eBook on re-inventing the insurance buyers experience explains how you can drive efficiency and boost revenue whilst giving your customers that human touch they want. 


Are you fully equipped to make every call count? 

While there has been an enormous amount of change over the last three years, one thing remained constant – the phone call still plays a vital role in purchase journeys across sectors.  

Consumer dialling habits present businesses with a huge opportunity to uncover a wealth of insight that can be used to improve performance within contact centres. In our next webinar The conversation: capturing insights across the contact centre – we’ll be explaining how you can leverage your call data to improve agent training, identify new opportunities, and sell more. 

If you want to learn more, grab yourself a spot or start a conversation with us today. 

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Michelle Param

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