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Published on 28th Apr 2017 in PPC

Accurately attributing your PPC leads

The value of Adwords is $2 for every $1 spent (approx. £1.58:£0.79). This makes pay-per-click (PPC) one of the most important components of your marketing strategy.

Published on 31st Jul 2015 in PPC

Are you targeting your PPC to the right customers?

With PPC making up more than half of media spend, if you are not targeting the right audience, you may well be handing your sales to your competitors

Published on 26th Jun 2015 in PPC

Google’s Upgraded URLs and what it means for your Infinity installation

Following Google’s new upgraded URLs, what changes should be made to your Infinity tagged URLs and further information if you use DS3.

Published on 19th Feb 2015 in PPC

Trends For Unlocking The Power Of Marketing Data

Data is only set to become a more important part of the marketing mix in 2015.

Published on 27th Oct 2014 in PPC

Improve Your PPC Bid Management With Keyword-level Call Tracking

Keyword-level call tracking, we’re sure you’ve heard about it but do you know what it really means and why it can mean the success or failure of your PPC keyword bid management strategy.

Published on 17th Jun 2014 in PPC

PPC Campaign Success Starts By Detecting Leakage.

PPC performance can be affected by many variables with one of the most common being leakage, an important factor which can make or break a successful PPC campaign.

Published on 28th Apr 2014 in PPC

"Not Provided" comes to Paid Search

By now you’ll be aware that Google have officially announced that they are bringing “not provided” to ads including pay per click (PPC) ads. So what does this mean and do we need to be concerned?

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