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Published on 15th Feb 2018 in News

Shine a spotlight on your marketing ROI with Infinity’s Intelligent Match update

The most simple method yet of assigning offline revenue to online marketing activity in your CRM, all the way down to the individual keyword.

Published on 29th Jan 2018 in News

Infinity and Bing Ads uncover the true impact of search campaigns

Infinity clients now have far greater insight into the ROI of their Bing Ads spend.

Published on 08th Nov 2017 in News

A Day in the Life of... An SVP of Customer Success

In this series of short blogs, we take a look at the day to day lives of some of our key team members, as well as how Infinity is used in their day-to-day work. Michelle Garnham leads our customer success organisation, having led EMEA wide customer success teams for over twelve years.

Published on 03rd Nov 2017 in News

Vocalcom and Infinity partner to end call centre guesswork

Vocalcom and Infinity announce world-first long-term partnership mission to end uninformed contact centres.

Published on 25th Oct 2017 in News

PPC Marketing to the over 50s: Connect with the Silver Spenders

No business wants to miss out on a substantial, often untapped revenue source. Yet for those ignoring the over 50s in a breathless chase to capture the millennial zeitgeist, it’s an everyday occurrence.

Published on 16th Oct 2017 in News

Call-ifornia Dreaming: Infinity opens San Francisco Office

Infinity is growing from strength to strength and today, announces the opening of new San Francisco office.

Published on 05th Oct 2017 in News

A Day in the Life Of... A Sales Manager with Infinity

In this series of short blogs, we look at how Infinity impacts our own day-to-day lives, as well as those of some of our customers. Emily Parker has been working closely with clients throughout the last four years of her career, and is a Senior Sales Development Manager at Infinity.

Published on 29th Sep 2017 in News

7 Highlights from 2017's Technology for Marketing Conference

Missed this years Technology for Marketing Conference? Read our 7 highlights from the conference here.

Published on 25th Sep 2017 in News

Balancing Priorities in the Age of Customer Centricity

In the age of the customer, your audience is permanently connected to multiple channels, informed, and with sky-high expectations of brands when they contact them to make a purchase or receive support.

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