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Published on 14th Mar 2018 in Marketing

Eight things from Marketing Week Live you don’t hear at every conference

Keeping our skills sharp and our marketing knowledge up to date is something we aim to do every day at Infinity, and this year’s Marketing Week Live was no exception.

Published on 29th Nov 2017 in Marketing

8 best practices that will shape insurance marketing

Advances in price comparison sites mean that insurance companies need to be competing on more than price alone to avoid a race to the bottom, which benefits nobody in the long term. But how?

Published on 13th Nov 2017 in Marketing

How to Use Call Tracking to Evaluate and Improve Close Rates

Attributing the number of phone calls to marketing channel source and keyword only gets your marketing and sales team so far. Ideally, marketing identifies and replicates trends for generating high quality sales calls from those channels to send the sales team’s way. However, if the overall sales team close rates remain low, the marketing efforts are vain.

Published on 19th Sep 2017 in Marketing

The Future Of Search: 4 Developments Set To Rock The SEO Landscape

Straight from Brighton SEO, we bring you four of the morning's highlights where the discussion revolved around what lies ahead for SEO

Published on 24th Aug 2017 in Marketing

Google Call Conversions: 6 Big Reasons to Upgrade to Advanced Call Tracking

Google Call Conversions helps a business understand the effectiveness of tracking calls from Google AdWords paid search and display campaigns, but the tracking stops there.

Published on 18th Aug 2017 in Marketing

Your secret weapon(s): Why your agency's tech stack matters to you

Your agency is an extension of your brand, they represent you, speak for you, and work for you. Therefore, the software and tech solutions they bring to the table need to be considered and consulted upon when deciding who to partner with.

Published on 11th Aug 2017 in Marketing

3 Insights Visitor Level Call Tracking Tells Your Marketing and Sales Teams

Call tracking isn’t solely used for attributing calls back to marketing source and keywords. Smart marketing and sales teams leverage actionable insights to optimize the joint marketing sales funnel, and ideally increase calls that generate sales conversions and revenue.

Published on 04th Aug 2017 in Marketing

The Unquestionable Value Call Tracking Brings To Agencies

Brands no longer expect their agencies to perform marketing campaigns alone. They expect more, what value does call tracking bring?

Published on 18th Jul 2017 in Marketing

The Real Future Of Artificial Intelligence

It's easy to get carried away when talking about AI, so what is actually on the horizon?

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