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Webtrends Integration

This article details how to set up an Infinity integration with the Webtrends Infinity Analytics suite.

What is Webtrends?

Webtrends offers a variety of web analytics products, services, and solutions focused on the collection behaviour data for websites and mobile applications.

In particular, Webtrends Infinity Analytics is an enterprise level analytics solution. By harnessing big data, Infinity Analytics provides actionable customer intelligence to fuel companies' marketing programs.

What does the Webtrends integration do?

When a visitor to your website lands on a page that contains Webtrends' tracking code, they'll be set a cookie with an ID that tracks their visitor journey throughout your site. By amending your Infinity tracking code with an active Webtrends integration, we'll be able to extract this Webtrends cookie ID, ultimately allowing the Infinity Tracking platform to match Webtrends visitors and Infinity callers together. We'll then use this Webtrends cookie ID to link any call or goal data when sending it across the integration.

Webtrends Checklist

You'll need to make sure you've set up a space in your Webtrends Infinity Analytics account. Make a note of the DCSID (Data Source ID) for this space as this will allow us to associate call data that's sent over as part of the integration. If you've already created a space you'd like to use, the Space Details page on Webtrends shows information about a newly created space, including its DCSID. To view the DCSID on the Space Details page for an existing space, on the Spaces dashboard, click the space and then click the info icon in the upper right corner of the page.

You’ll also need to make sure your Infinity subscription caters for setting up an additional integration. This will be a priced bolt-on for Small Business packages, and may be inclusive for Professional and Enterprise packages depending upon the number of integrations you’ve already activated. For more information, please contact the Infinity support team, who will be able to offer advice.

Setting up your Webtrends integration

As with most other Infinity integrations, setting up your Webtrends integration is a two-step process.

Firstly, in order for your Infinity to extract the Webtrends cookie to tie call and goal data back to a Webtrends visitor, you’ll need to make some modifications to the JavaScript tracking code on your website, or install it as new if you’re yet to add it anyway.

Following this, you’ll then need to create the integration itself, and choose under what conditions you'd like to send call or goal data to your Webtrends account for reporting on later.


In order for your Infinity to extract the Webtrends cookie to tie call and goal data back to a Webtrends visitor, you’ll need to make some modifications to the JavaScript tracking code on your website. If you’re yet to install the main Infinity tracking code to your website, you’ll just need to generate it for the first time, adding the Webtrends integration option as you go. If you’ve already got an existing installation, you’ll need to follow the same steps, but overwrite the existing code on your website.

  • Log in to the Infinity Portal.
  • Navigate to the Admin section of the Portal.
  • Select Tracking Settings and then JavaScript.
  • Under Select Integrations, tick Webtrends Integration, making sure you also tick any integrations you’ve previously activated.


  • You’ll then see the code update below in Step 2.


  • Copy this code, and either install it as new on your website following the instructions, or replace any existing Infinity tracking code with this version. If you’re new to this process or need more guidance on installing JavaScript, we’ve got it covered in our Knowledge Base.


Now that Infinity is extracting the correct ID from the Webtrends cookie, you’ll need to specify where data should be sent within your Webtrends account, and which events should be pushed, such as only certain types of calls or goals.

  • Log in to the Infinity Portal.
  • Navigate to the Admin section of the Portal.
  • Select Integrations.
  • At the top of the list of your integrations, select Add Integration.


  • On the Create Integration page, select Webtrends from the Integration Type drop down. You’ll then see the page content change to suit your integration type. Give your integration a name to remember it later.

  • In the Data Source ID field, paste the DCSID of your Webtrends space.


  • Finally, you need to decide what triggers this integration to send its data. This can be based on all calls, certain types of calls or call behaviour, or various parts of the visitor journey. For example, you may want to send only calls that are qualified by certain parameters, such as calls that lasted longer than a certain duration, or calls that have met particular goals along the way. When an event that meets the criteria occurs, Infinity will send the associated data to your Webtrends account and allocate it to the space DCSID you specified earlier. Use the What to send filtering controls to define these rules.


  • Click Save for the new integration. This will return you to the list of previously created integrations on your Infinity Portal, where your new integration will be automatically enabled.
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