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Outbrain Integration

This article introduces Infinity's integration with Outbrain and how to configure it.

What is Outbrain?

Outbrain is a premium discovery platform that helps connect marketers to their target audience through personalized recommendations on the world's leading publishers.

Infinity’s integration with Outbrain enables clients to link phone calls back to the Outbrain campaigns that drove the call, giving them a more complete view of the impact of their marketing efforts.

Creating an Outbrain integration

Setting up your Outbrain integration is a very simple process, as there's only two steps.

  1. Creating the event-based conversion in Outbrain
  2. Configuring the Integration in Infinity

The first step is to create a new conversion event in Outbrain, then you can simply configure the integration in the Infinity platform to determine what data you’d like to send into Outbrain.

You'll need to have your Outbrain Marketer ID to hand in order to configure your integration.

Configuring your Outbrain integration

To configure the Outbrain integration, simply follow the steps below.

Step 1 - Create the Conversion Event in Outbrain

  • Navigate to the Amplify Dashboard and click Pixels and then Conversions from the left hand menu.
  • From the main window click Add Conversion and choose a new Event-Based Conversion.
  • Give your event a unique event name (i.e. “Phone Call”). Please note, the name is case sensitive. We've used Infinity Phone Call in our example below.
  • Choose a Window (60 days is applied by default but you can change it if you wish) and also a value if required.
  • You do not need to modify your Outbrain Pixel code for this new event, just create the name.
  • Ensure the "Include in Total Conversion" checkbox is checked.
  • Click Save to continue.

Event Creation in Amplify.png

Step 2 - Configure the integration in Infinity

  • Log in to the Infinity Portal, navigate to the Admin section, and select Integrations.
  • At the top of the list of your integrations, select Add Integration, and choose Outbrain from the drop down. Please note that this is a chargeable integration, additional charges will apply.
  • First you need to give your integration a name. It is called Outbrain by default but you can edit it. Choose something that you'll easily be able to identify later.
  • Enter your Marketer ID. This will link the call events to your Outbrain account when they are sent by Infinity.
  • In the Event Name section, enter the name of the event that you created in the Amplify Dashboard in Step 1 above. The name is case sensitive.

Outbrain Integration.png

  • We will pass all calls into Outbrain by default, but this can be changed as required using the options in What do you want to send. You may choose to only send calls that meet a goal, for example.
  • Conversion events should be visible within Outbrain shortly afterwards, but this could take a few hours.
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