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Number Porting

Porting is the process of transferring a telephone number from one Telco Provider to another. This article explains how you can port your numbers in and out of Infinity and important information you will need to be aware of.

What is Number Porting?

All numbers that Call Tracking providers such as ourselves use, are provided by various Telecommunications Providers who handle the routing of calls.

We work with a number of Telco providers and each of our providers have different processes and procedures around numbers they can obtain and route calls across.

Infinity is simply a reseller of numbers that we have obtained from various Telco Providers. Porting is the process of transferring a telephone number from one Telco Provider to another.

The timeframe of a port request can vary significantly, and depends on the Telco Provider and the number of telephone numbers included in the request. Ports can take a minimum of 4-8 weeks and that we have no control over whatsoever, all we can do is chase the Telco providers.

Although the vast majority of numbers are available for porting, depending on the type of number prefix, it may not be possible to port some numbers due to certain agreements between certain Telco Providers. It is always best to check with our Support Team to see if the numbers can be ported across to our Telco Providers.

How much does it cost to Port Numbers into Infinity?

Porting numbers into Infinity is a free service for all Infinity clients, however there may be fees from the carrier for the porting process depending on number type and country.

Any fees for this porting process will be passed onto the customer at the cost we receive from our Telco Provider. You are able to port up to 50 telephone numbers if they reside with 1 telephony carrier, which covers the majority of situations.

For porting higher volumes of phone numbers or multiple carriers an administration charge may be applicable. If you would like more information around possible costs, please contact our Support Team.

Porting into Infinity

There are a number of steps you will need to take to get the Porting process started.

Step 1

Fill out the correct porting documents (LOA)

There are two types of porting documents for both UK & US customers. For UK there is one for geographic numbers and one for non-geo's (free-phone). For the US there is toll & toll free documents.

Please request the document you require via our Support Team

Step 2

Ensure the form is completed correctly

Once you have received the form through from our Support Team, you will need to check you have added the following:

  • Current Telecoms Operator Name e.g BT
  • Current Telecoms Operator Address
  • Customer Name
  • Customer Address
  • Customer Account Number
  • Numbers to be ported

It can be useful to obtain a recent bill and copy the details from that bill into this document.

All sections of the form must be filled out in full or the port will be rejected by our provider.

Step 3

Print, Sign and Send to Infinity

Print your completed form on your company's letter headed paper, your account holder will need to sign and date the printed form. You can then scan and return to us so we can submit to the porting department for processing.

Please send your completed forms to support@infinitycloud.com with an email subject of 'Number Porting'.

Note: Please bear in mind we can only process ports once all of the information has been completed as the form will be instantly rejected by our carrier.

Please contact support@infinitycloud.com if you have any questions.

UK Providers with a Porting Agreement

We are only able to port from providers with whom we have a Porting Agreement.


NGNP is the ability to port non-geographic numbers. Known as IN (Intelligent Network) or NTS (Number Translation Services) numbers i.3. 03, 0800, 0808, 0500, 0843, 0844, 0845, 0871, 0872, 0873 and Premium Rate 090, 091 & 098.

The following arrangements are via direct interconnection:

  • British Telecom (BT)
  • Vodafone (C&W / Energis / Thus / YC)
  • Virgin Media Limited (former NTL)
  • Virgin Media Wholesale Limited (former Telewest)

The following arrangements are achieved via the use of a transit operator (as there is no direct interconnect):

  • Colt Technology Services
  • Gamma Telecom Holdings Limited
  • Magrathea Telecommunications Ltd
  • Skycom Limited
  • TalkTalk Communications Limited
  • Telephony Services Limited (Telserv)


  • BT
  • Colt
  • Gamma
  • Level 3 (previously Global Crossing)
  • Magrathea (only certain ranges, please check in advance)
  • Resilient Networks
  • Skycom
  • Telephony Services Telserv
  • Virgin Media previously NTL / Telewest / Eurobell
  • Vodafone previously C&W, Energis, Thus, Your Communications

Please bear in mind that some providers which are not listed above are hosted on another Provider’s network and are at times still portable

Porting out of Infinity

You are also able to port numbers away from Infinity if you decide to discontinue our services. There is an administration charge per number that you wish to port away.

Country Cost Per Number
UK £15
US $25

We would suggest you send us any porting request as submitted to your new provider so we are able to release the numbers for you and keep any downtime to a minimum.

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