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Memorable Numbers

This article provides information and cost for if you would like to order a fixed memorable number.

Fixed Memorable Numbers

If you would like a memorable phone number for fixed/static purposes, we can arrange this for you at a one-off extra charge.

Memorable numbers fall into different categories. The setup fee is per phone number, and is based on how memorable the phone number is; Diamond is our most memorable level.

Here is the price banding information:


One Off Setup Fee of £150/$200
UK Example: 08444 880 111
US Example: 855 123 4111


One Off Setup Fee of £200/$300
UK Example: 08444 88 00 88
US Example: 855 122 3344


One Off Setup Fee of £300/$450
UK Example: 08444 880 880
US Example: 855 122 2333

If you would like a memorable phone number, please contact our Support Team letting them know which number type you would like (e.g. UK 033, UK 020, US 888) and which category of memorability (e.g. Diamond) you are interested in. They will send you a small selection of memorable phone numbers from our database for you to choose from, subject to availability.

Please note that memorable phone numbers cannot be reserved and are delivered on a first-come first-serve basis. Once chosen and paid for, the memorable phone number can be assigned to your Infinity installation for the life time of your account with us.

If you decide to close your Infinity account but wish to keep use of the memorable number, you will need to make arrangements to port the phone number away from Infinity; it is not indefinitely owned by your business because of the setup fee charged. If you are interested in this service please see our Porting Page

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Memorable Numbers

  1. Fixed Memorable Numbers

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