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Marin Integration

Infinity's integration with Marin allows us to push selected goals into your Marin directory so you are able to effectively bid manage your campaigns. This integration allows you to see your call goals, online goals, and CRM goals against the campaigns and keywords that drove them.

How does the Marin integration work?

Prior to set up you will have given us a list of Infinity goals you want to send to Marin, along with some other vital information, to enable us to do this nightly feed. We take a list of these goals each day and search all the lands within the set look back window for a landing URL that contains the correct attribution parameter. We then take the latest land and send the data against it, this matches Marin's behaviour to ensure you are getting uniform data.

The integration is a nightly FTP report upload of the days data. The report from Infinity contains the following fields:

  • Date - Date of the conversion
  • Keyword ID - From the Marin Tags
  • Creative ID - From the Marin Tags
  • Keyword - From the Marin Tags
  • Match Type - From the Marin Tags
  • Device - From the Marin Tags
  • Conversion Type - From Infinity System
  • Conversions - From the Infinity System
  • Revenue - From the Infinity System
  • Currency - From the Infinity System

    Please note: We do not send any VOID goals to Marin

Getting the Marin integration up and running

There are a few steps to getting this integration up and running.

Step 1 Contact Infinity in writing to request set up. We will be able to let you know what goals you have set up in our system so you can decide what you would like to send to Marin.

Step 2 With the help of your Marin contact, gather the following info for us so we can configure your Infinity plug in.

  • Delivery Time Zone - The timezone your Marin account is running in
  • Attribution Param - This will either MKWID or MCKV. (You can see parameter this in your Marin tagged URLs by the way!)
  • Attribution Mode - Always either First or Last
  • Goal Mappings - Name of Infinity Goal : Marin Conversion Type ID
    Note Both Marin and Infinity support camelCase for the Marin Conversion Type ID
  • Client Reference
  • Password
  • Directory (To place the report file)

Step 3 Pass this information to your Infinity contact so we can set up and test your plug in.

Note We would suggest your directory is not live during this time so we can safely test without publishing to your live dashboards.

Marin testing, go-live, and other information

Once we enable the integration plug in you are effectively live.If you would like to test the integration, we can send you a report while your directory in Marin is not live. This will mean that the data will not be published or count towards your top-line stats.

When you have received a file you are happy with, Marin will be able to push your directory live and you can start seeing Infinity conversions in Marin.

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