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CRM Integration

An Infinity CRM integration allows you to pass conversion data from your customer management platform or booking system into your Infinity Call Tracking installation. A CRM integration ties marketing source to call outcome, therefore providing attribution analysis on the marketing strategies which introduced the customer to your business and resulted in the overall conversion. Likewise you can enrich your CRM by pulling data from the Infinity API and passing this into your CRM system.

Infinity CRM Integration - The Basics

At Infinity, we think of 'CRM' as a system which your call handlers use to log the outcome of a call, for example 'Sale made, £15,000'.

You will get the best value from Infinity reports if we integrate with a booking-system type CRM which shows the sales/lead/quote flow of your conversions, rather than a CRM which purely manages your customer's details. Ideally, you will be using a CRM where both the sale value and the customer information are logged. We've found that our customers get the best reporting benefits from this.

CRM Integration requires accurate capture of the Call Reference ID by your operators/call handlers.

CRM Integration is an add-on feature which is available for all of our Premium clients. Every CRM integration is different, therefore each one is a new project which requires scoping.

If you are not subscribed to our Premium edition, we will be happy to talk you through to process of upgrading. Please contact the Support Team for more details.

Infinity CRM Integration - The Process

First things first...

Your Call Tracking installation should be fully set up before starting the CRM Integration process, this is to ensure there are no gaps in the Infinity data which we can send into your CRM, and likewise will ensure a good match of CRM data against your Infinity reports. If you are unsure, please do ask our Support Team to have a look through your Portal to confirm you are fully set up and ready to go ahead with the Integration process.

Please let our Support Team or your Customer Success Manager know that you would be interested in having a CRM integration.

An Infinity Project Manager will be assigned to assist you with the planning, implementation and testing of this integration, and will be your primary contact throughout the project.

Scoping Call

This is to establish the top-line details of your CRM, what data you are looking to send into Infinity, and how your requirements fit alongside the Infinity integration methodology.

Your Infinity Project Manager and Customer Success Manager will also use this time to fully understand what you are looking to achieve with the CRM Integration, alongside the capabilities of your CRM technology and technical resource available.

Below are the types of enquiries which will be made during this call; if you are unsure of how to answer these, please ensure that they can be answered on the Technical Support Call. This is essential information that we will require in order to plan or progress with this project.

  • What CRM are you using?
  • Is your CRM web-based? Do you know if it has a documented API?
  • Can additional fields be added to your CRM to capture VID and Call Reference ID?
  • What data are you looking to extract from Infinity?
  • Would you like online goals with Infinity so that these can be passed into your CRM?
  • What data are you looking to send into Infinity?
  • Would you like us to create Infinity goals from significant CRM triggers?
  • Are there any 3rd Party Integrations (e.g. Google Analytics, DoubleClick) where you would like us to forward your CRM goal data?
  • What technical resource do you have - external, in-house, consultant, general development, CRM expert, workflow or API working knowledge, etc.?
  • What delivery time are you aiming for? What's the feasiblity on booking your technical support?

We will also have a discussion around Call Reference ID Options - including the delivery via 'announcement' vs 'over Caller ID' to get an idea of what will work best for your current call handling process. Will a whisper work? Can the Caller ID be replaced by Call Reference ID?

Your Project Manager will work with you and your Customer Success Manager to have an in depth understanding of what you are trying to achieve by using the CRM integration and will advise you as to best practice if you are unsure of what will give you the best results.

Technical Support Call

This is an opportunity for your Technical Lead or CRM expert on the project to speak directly with one of the Infinity Technical Support Engineers. Technical requirements can be discussed and the implementation process can be thrashed out. We can also regroup on the best method of passing the Call Reference ID to you. Any costs for the project can be refined at this stage.

Bespoke Project Plan & Guide

Following the Technical Support Call, your Infinity Project Manager will provide you with a Project Plan and a comprehensive guide of next steps, tailored to your business, as per your scoping conversations. If you are happy with the Project Plan, including the tasks, task owners and timelines, we will ask you to confirm this in writing and solidify dates for the project so that we can effectively support you throughout.


Your Project Manager will be on hand to answer any questions you may have throughout the course of the project, and ensure that everyone who is directly involved in the project is kept updated on progression. Your assigned Technical Lead or CRM expert will be expected to follow the guides provided within the agreed time frames.

Most CRM integration projects are completed within three weeks or less. If you require additional support above and beyond the average CRM integration project, there may be an additional fee for this, depending on the Infinity resource required.

Project Sign Off

Once we have completed testing with you, your Project Manager will ask you sign off on your CRM Integration project. You will be handed back to your Customer Success Manager to enjoy all of the added value that this integration will bring to your Infinity subscription.

Pulling Infinity variables into your CRM for Offline Conversion Attribution

To be able to link your CRM with Infinity each customer record needs to store a Call Reference or Visitor ID, your CRM technician will be able to help you set up new CRM fields in which to accomodate these. When a customer calls you, a Call Reference is entered into the CRM in your new field. When an online enquiry is received, the Visitor ID is entered into the CRM in your new field. These can be manually or automatically populated depending on the in-house technology you have.
When an offline conversion happens whether at the time, or days or even week later, this data can then be sent into Infinity to be able to better optimise any of your marketing campaigns.

Online Enquiry tracking

Infinity Tracking will make the Visitor ID available to any form in the website a customer may fill to make an enquiry such as a 'Contact Us' form. This Visitor ID can be pulled in and added to the web form in a hidden field, this will allow you to send the Infinity visitor ID into your CRM along with the information the visitor filled into your web form. The Visitor ID will then be populated into the Client’s record in your CRM or other internal booking system. This can be done either manually or automatically depending on how the web form data is sent through.

We have a wealth of information on Retrieving Infinity JavaScript Variables such as the Visitor ID and Populating Inputs With Infinity Variables within the JavaScript Section of our Knowledge Base.

Call Reference tracking Infinity will pass through a Call Reference to the Operator. There are a couple of ways this can be done, from whispering the Call Reference or showing it on the Caller ID display on the phone.

You can read more on how we can make the Call Reference available to you in the Call Management Section. We suggest reading the Call Reference over Announce or Caller ID section.

You will need to set up 2 new fields in your CRM, one to accept the Infinity Visitor ID and one to accept the Call Reference.

Sending offline conversion data to Infinity

With each Client Record within your CRM now storing the Call Reference ID or Visitor ID when an offline conversion happens, this data can then be sent into Infinity to be able to better optimise any of your marketing campaigns. This can be sent in using our API, in real-time or batched hourly, daily, weekly etc. We also support the uploading of CSV files to an FTP area.

Decision on Import into Infinity

Once you have made your decision on delivery, here is our documentation on either sending in using our API or uploading of CSV files to an FTP:

The fields that you can send into us are listed below:

  • action name – identifies the type of interaction, e.g. “sale”.
  • title – a longer description of the action, e.g. what product was purchased.
  • date time – Must be in ISO 8601 format, e.g. “2011-12-15 12:02:34“ and in UTC time zone.
  • transaction reference – The transaction reference (e.g. sales order number), if any.
  • transaction amount – The amount of money taken in a transaction, if any.
  • transaction currency – The ISO 4217 currency code of the transaction, if any.
  • transaction margin – The margin or gross profit of the transaction, if any.

Visitor ID Mapping
With each record that has a Visitor ID the following process happens:

  • Infinity processes each record and maps the conversion to the visitor record by using the Visitor ID Reference in the conversion data that was sent through to Infinity.
  • Once the Visitor Record has been found, Infinity can then assign a marketing source to the conversion, along with optional transaction value and margin.
  • This means that the conversion values can then be reported against the marketing source that led to the sale.

Call Reference ID Mapping
With each record that has a Call Reference the following process happens:

  • Infinity processes each record and maps the Call Record to Visitor ID by using the Call Reference in the conversion data that was sent through to Infinity.
  • Once the Visitor Record has been found, Infinity can then assign a marketing source to the conversion, along with optional transaction value and margin.
  • This means that the conversion values can then be reported against the marketing source that led to the sale.

CRM Integration FAQs

Q: The CRM is internally networked and the systems are web-based, behind a firewall which cannot be accessed from outside the network. Could this be a problem?

A: As long as the correct IP Addresses and Ports are excluded, a call-back can be run to external services from the data warehouse.

Q: What happens if a call operator enters an incorrect Call Reference ID? Can this be adjusted, will the operator be alerted that this has happened?

A: If the Call Reference ID is invalid, the Infinity API will not return any results when attempting to extract marketing data from Infinity. This would also return an error when attempting to send CRM data into Infinity. A report in your CRM can be run each month to show all records that have a Call Reference ID field but no marketing data. You could them check the Infinity logs for the date/time of the calls missing data to find the correct Call Reference ID to enter.

Q: If a customer calls in and then calls back later that day, will there be a different Call Reference ID?

A: Yes, there will be; every call has a unique Call Reference ID rather than every customer. You can choose to update the first call record in your CRM through manually overwriting it with the new Call Reference ID, but it may be better to follow the usual process of taking down the Call Reference ID for every single call so that the original channel is logged.

Q: If a customer rings back from a different computer or telephone, the operator will add a field to the CRM to hold a single value and its contents, will this then be overwritten? Will this impact historic reporting, or is this not an issue due to the API upload?

A: The Operator can choose to overwrite the Call Reference ID to pull in the latest marketing data or leave it with the original data. The master record here is the contact in the CRM, so it depends on what you wants to see; first or last activity.

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